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zoology test 2

ch 3-5

What is dormancy? temporary inactivity, bears go in to a state of dormancy in the winter
What is a romp? a group of otters
What is the difference between a black bear and a brown bear? black bears have a hump on their back and less furry ears
Do bears like to live alone or in groups? alone
Do bears only walk on all fours? no they can also walk only on 2 legs
Which animal is not threatened by global warming? polar bear
What should you do if you see a bear in the wild? slowly back away
What should you do if a bear charges or runs at you? Wave your arms
What is a sumatran? a subspecies of tigers
Are black panthers leopards? yes
Why do lions hate spotted hyenas? they kill their young
What do cats depend on for their survival? claws
What animal can kill a tiger? crocodile
Are cats scent glands only in one place? no... they are on their paws, sides, face, and tail
What animal is strong enough to bring down a grown elephant? tiger
How does having a flexible skeleton benefit a cat? it allows them to squeeze into tight places
The hyena's face looks like that of what animal? dog
Why don't Cheetahs have retractible claws? So they can use them to help them run faster to catch their prey, the gazelle
What does a hyena do that is similar to a cat? purr
What is an aardwolf a species of? the hyena
What is a lion's social group called? pride
Where can you find the canada lynx? North America
How can some marsupial joeys develop without a pouch? because they cling to their mother
How does the Va oppossum protect itself? by playing dead
What type of animals are wombats and sugar gliders? marsupials
What is the difference between the wallaby and the kangaroo? the wallaby is smaller in size
Where do most marsupials live? Australia
What do most marsupial females have that other animals do not? pouches
What do koalas do most of the day? sleep
What are the marsupial young called? joeys
What does the word macropod mean? big foot
What is pangea? a super continent thought to have existed before the flood separated the continents into their current places on the globe
How big are joeys when they are born? The size of a single grain of rice
Created by: kjproverbs356