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CCAC NRN 102 Infertility, contraception and abortion

_________is a serious medical concern that affects quality of life and is a problem for 10% to 15% of reproductive age couples. Infertility
The prevalence of infertility is relatively stable among the overall population. True
Infertility increases with age of the woman, particularly older than 40 years of age.
Diagnosis and treatment of infertility require considerable physical, emotional, psychologic and financial investment over an extended period.
What is essential for fertility? A normally developed reproductive tract in both the male and female partners.
The basic infertility survey of the female involves: and evaluation of psychogenic factors.
What are some cervical factors associated with infertility? vaginal-cervical infections, cervical mucus inadequate, isoimmunization (development of sperm antibodies)
Abuse of substances can affect male fertility. Which substances can cause changes in the sperm? cigarette smoking, use of heroin, marijuana, amy nitrate, butyl nitrate, ethyl chloride, or methaqualone
Which test for impaired fertility assesses both partners and is done 1-2 days before ovulation? postcoital test
Which assisted reporductive therapy involves washing of ovum with motile sperm and placing them into the tube where fertilization takes place? Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT)
Therapeutic donor insemination involves using donor sperm
With Fertility Awareness Methods of birth control, what must be identified? beginning and end of fertile period of the menstrual cycle
What method is based on the number of days in each cycle? Calendar Rhythm method
In the Basal body temperature method, what happens to the BBT when Failure of ovulation occurs? The pattern of lower body temperature continues throughout the cycle.
Which barrier method works by reducing sperm's motility? Spermicide, N-9
What side effect can occur with the use of diaphragm and cervical caps? Toxic Shock Syndrome
When should Emergency Contraception be taken? Within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse
When giving a client Emergency Contraception, what should the nurse advise the client to do about the common side effects? Take an over the counter antiemetic because severe nausea and vomiting are the most common side effect.
When a couple is undergoing testing for infertility, both the male and female are tested, as well as them as a couple. Who is tested first? When a couple seeks treatment for infertility, both female and male are tested at the same time as well as the couple together.
Created by: JayneAnn