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Lesson 21 New Words

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 Textbook

duiyuan team member 队员
butong different 不同
guojia country 国家
ying to win 赢
chang match; set; 场
zuqiu soccer 足球
bisai match/to complete; to have a match 比赛
tongxue classmate; schoolmate 同学
jizhe reporter 记者
daxuesheng university student; college student 大学生
xuexiao school 学校
shuiping level 水平
jiaolian coach 教练
qunian last year 去年
yihou after; afterwards 以后
tigao to improve; to increase 提高
ti to kick 踢
zuobian the left side 左边
youbian the right side 右边
dongbian east side 东边
li away; off; from 离
yuan far 远
huayuan xiaoqu garden district 花园小区
chezhan bus stop 车站
qianbian front; ahead 前边
guai to turn 拐
xiabian below; underneath 下边
shudian bookstore 书店
shangbian above; over; upward 上边
pingfangmi square meter 平方米
weishengjian washroom; bathroom 卫生间
keting living room 客厅
beibian north side 北边
woshi bedroom 卧室
waibian outside 外边
yangtai balcony 阳台
Created by: andreakim91
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