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Machen 15 Voc/Gram

Machen Biblical Greek Lesson 15 Vocabulary & Grammar

γάρ (postpositive) for
βάλλω, βαλῶ, ἔβαλον I throw, I cast
γίνομαι, γενήσομαι, ἐγενόμην I become
βλέπω, ὄψομαι, εἶδον I see
λέγω, ἐρῶ, εἶπον I say
λαμβάνω, λήμψομαι, ἔλαβον I take
ἄγω, ἄξω, ἤγαγον I lead
ἔρχομαι, ἐλεύσομαι, ἦλθον I come, I go
φέρω, οἴσω, ἤνεγκα /ἤνεγκον I bear, I bring
λείπω, λείψω, ἔλιπον I leave
πίπτω, πεσοῦμαι, ἔπεσον /ἔπεσα I fall
προσφέρω, προσοίσω, προσήνεγκα I bring to
Grammar Review
Is the second aorist a different tense than the first aorist? The second aorist is not a different tense from the first aorist, but only a different way of forming the same tense.
Do some verbs have both a first and second aorist? A few verbs have both a first aorist and a second aorist.
How do we recognize the aorist of a verb? The aorist active indicative is the third principal part of a verb. Memorization of principal parts will provide the correct forms.
How is the second aorist formed? The second aorist has an augment, an altered, often simpler, stem, and a secondary personal ending. The second aorist typically does not have the -σα- before the personal ending like the first aorist does.
Is the second aorist passive identical to the second aorist middle? The aorist passive is different from the aorist middle. The principal part giving us the aorist passives will be introduced later.
Created by: profmom
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