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Pt intervi questions

Pt interview questions

23yo obese, amenorrhea 6mos, facial hair. What are key questions to ask? anovul: if periods nmlly regular, sex active, contraception, prolactin: HA/visual, milk discharge, thyroid: hot/cold, palpitations, hirsut: hair new?
23yo obese, amenorrhea 6mos, facial hair. What tests order? UPT, LH/FSH ratio, TSH, prolactin, testosterone, DHEAS, 17OHP
23yo obese, amenorrhea 6mos, facial hair. What's difftl anovul: PCOS, thyroid, preg, [hi prolactin, ovarian/adrenal malig, premature ovarian failure], hirsutism: PCOS, Cushings, adrenal or androgen secreting tumor, CAH
23yo hirsutism. What are key questions to ask? new (if PCOS since menarche)? Periods regular? Deepening of voice? h/o glucose intolerance (Cushings)? h/o hypotension (CAH)?
23yo hirsutism. What tests order? dexamethasone suppression test, DHEA, testosterone, LH/FSH ratio
23yo hirsutism. What's difftl Cushings, PCOS, adrenal tumor or androgen secreting tumor, CAH
48 yo irreg periods. What are key questions to ask? previously regular? Hot flashes/NS/palitations? Emotional lability? Breast discharge? Vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse?
48 yo irreg periods--tests order? UPT, LH/FSH, TSH, prolactin, testosterone, DHEAS, 17OHP, CBC
48 yo irreg periods--difftl? menopause, hyperprolactin, PCOS, thyroid, preg
33 yo no period, recently gave birth--key questions to ask previously regular? Blood loss during delivery? D&C? contraception? Problems breast feeding (Sheehans) Thyroid sympt (cold intolerance, hair loss)
33 yo no period, recently gave birth--tests UPT, LH/FSH, TSH, prolactin, progesterone stimulation test (Sheehan should bleed, Asherman wouldn't)
33 yo no period, recently gave birth--difftl Preg, Sheehans, Asherman [hyperprolactin, PCOS, ovarian/adrenal malig, premature ovarian failure]
25yo irreg, heavy menses--key questions how long? Still having menses and bleeding in bw or completely irreg? dysmenorrhea? Pain on intercourse or constipation? Anemia sympt (dizziness)
25yo irreg, heavy menses--tests UPT, LH/FSH, TSH, prolactin, progesterone stim test, CBC (anemia)
25yo irreg, heavy menses--ddx anovulatory cycles, endometriosis, dysfxnl uterine bleeding, [also molar preg/ectopic if nmlly regular this 1x irreg, endometrial hyperplasia/cancer, if regular cycles + inbw bleeding could be polyps or submucosal fibroids]
30yo dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia--key questions pain on intercourse? Constipation? [endometriosis] coag--always had heavy periods? Other bleeding problems in her or her family? Anemia sympt?
30yo dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia--tests pelvic US, coag studies, CBC
30yo dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia--ddx fibroids, endometriosis/adenomyosis
35 yo breast mass--key questions painful? Growing? Changes w cycle? h/o of similar
35 yo breast mass--tests once examine either breast US or bx
35 yo breast mass--ddx fibroadenoma, fibrocystic disease, [cancer]
35yo pelvic pain--key questions how long? Assoc w menses? Dysuria? F/C? discharge? Constipation? Anything like this prev?
35yo pelvic pain--tests UPT, STD w/u, UA/Ucx, pelvic US,
35yo pelvic pain--ddx STD, PID, pyelo, fibroids/adenomyosis/endometriosis, constipation, ectopic preg
40yo vulvar ulcer--key questions painful? Pustule before hand? F? rashes or lesions elsewhere? h/o STD or STD in partner? Discharge?
40yo vulvar ulcer--tests GC/CC, wet mount, KOH, RPR
40yo vulvar ulcer--ddx syph, chancroid, HSV, granuloma inguinale, donovanosis
25yo dysuria, F--key questions F/C/NS? Back pain? Discharge?
25yo dysuria, F--tests UA, Ucx, check for CVA tenderness
25yo dysuria, F--ddx pyelo, PID, UTI, urosepsis
22yo vag discharge--key questions color? How long? Consistency? Itchy? Dysuria? Pain?
22yo vag discharge--tests GC/CC, wet mount, KOH
22yo vag discharge--ddx GC/CC, candida, bac vaginosis, trichomonas, cervicitis, physiologic,
65yo womb dropping--key questions how long? Problems urinating? BM? Constipation? Ever discharge or bleeding?
65yo womb dropping--tests physical exam, examine while straining
65yo womb dropping--ddx vaginal prolapse, uterine prolapse, cancer (cervix, uterus)
60yo vaginal bleeding--key questions how long/how much? Hematuria? Any lesions/ulcers? Abd bloating? Pelvic pain? masses?
60yo vaginal bleeding--tests endometrial biopsy, pelvic US, bx any visible lesions, colpo? CBC (Anemia
60yo vaginal bleeding--ddx uterine cancer, cervical cancers, vulvar lesion/cancer
50yo WWE--key questions LMP? Menopause? Any bleeding or bleeding bw cycles? Pelvic pain? Other problems
50yo WWE--tests mammo q1yr, pap, Dexa?
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