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CCAC NRN 102 Maternity and Pediatric

What family structure represents the traditional American family? Nuclear
What type of family structure results from divorce? Binuclear
What family structure consists of unrelated family members who join together to form a new household? Reconstituted or blended
A nuclear family who has other family members living with them is Extended family
A siingle-parent family consists of an unmarried biologic or adoptive parent who may or may not be living with other adults. True
What type of family tends to be vulnerable economically and socially, creating an unstable and deprived environment for growth potential of children? Single-parent
Give two examples of other family configurations that are less well documented than nuclear, extended and songle parent. Cohabitation and homosexual.
What family dynamics do family members use to assume appropriate social roles? Interactions and communications
What are the core concepts of patient and family centered care? Dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration
What family theory states that families move through stages? Family Life Cycle
What family theory is concerned with ways families react to stressful events? Family Stress Theory
Which family theory has a strength-based focus in clinical practice, identifying strengths and resources, provides feddback about strengths, and assists the family to develop and elicit strengths and use resources? McGill Model of Nursing
What is the goal of the Health Belief Model? To reduce cultural and environmental barriers that interfere with access to health care.
Under the Human Development Ecology, behavior is a function of the interaction of what? Interaction of traits and abilities with the environment.
What is described as an integrated, multidimensionalframework based on the systems, cybernetics, communication and change theoretical foundations and influenced by postmodern and biology of congition? The Calgary Family Assessment Model
__________of an individual is influenced by religion, environment, and historic events and plays a powerful role in the individual's behavior and patterns of human interaction. Culture
__________refers to changes that occur within one group or among several groups when people from different cultures come into contact with one another. Acculturation
_________occurs when a cultural group loses its identity and becomes part of the dominant culture. Assimilation
________is a belief in the rightness of one's culture's way of doing things. Ethnocentrism
What is the opposite of ethnocentrism? Cultural relativism
Women from what culture desire pregnancy soon after marriage? Hispanic
Women from what culture receive emotional support during labor from other women, especially their own mother? African-American
Women from what culture believe in a theory of hot and cold? Asian-American
Women from what culture view pregnancy as a condition that requires medical attention to ensure health? European-American
What does the CRASH Course in Cultural Competence developed by Rush and associates include? Culture Show Respect Assess/Affirm differences Show sensitivity and Self-Awareness Do it all with Humility
Created by: JayneAnn