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TSD Terminology 3

Tang Soo Do Terminology: Commands Stances Etiquette

ko map sum ni da thank you
chomane yo thank you for your help
Choong be Ready Stance
Cha ryut Attention
Kyung yet Bow
Ba ro Return
Shio At Ease
Tora Turn
Ahn jo Sit
E ru sut Stand Up
kyuck pa Breaking
do bohk Uniform
Tang Soo Do Way of the China Hand
Dee Belt
Hyung Forms
Ki hap Yell
Ahpo Pain
Mahk ki Block
Soo ki Hand Techniques
Jok ki Foot Techniques
Do jang Training Hall
Dae ryun Sparring
Chun be ja seh Ready Stance
Cha ryut ja seh Attention Stance
Chun kil ja seh Front Stance
Sa ho rip ja seh Side Stance
Kee ma ja seh Horse Stance
Hu gul ja seh Back Stance
Deh ryun ja seh Fighting Stance
Kyo cha rip ja seh Cross Leg Stance
Koong kyuck Attack
Il soo sik dae ryun One-step sparring
Sam soo sik dae ryun Three step sparring
Ja yu dae ryun Free sparring
Chil sae dae ryun Non-contact sparring
Bong dae ryun Stick sparring
Ho sin sul Self defense
Soo ki Hand techniques
Jok ki Foot techniques
Dae ryun Sparring
Created by: varivas