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Test 8-19-10

Chapter 5,6,and 7

The United States is made up of which two chambers? Senate and House of Representatives.
What is the process by which the government recalculates the number of House seats to which each state is entitled? Reapportionment
The rules of the House Of Representatives allows its leaders to make key decisions without _______ other members. Consulting
At the start of each congressional session, the representatives in the majority party meet in caucus to select the? Speaker of the House
The ______ committee has the power to move House bills ahead quickly, hold them back or stop them completely. rules
What term means to keep talking until a majority of the Senate abandons a bill or agrees to modify it. filibuster
Who does detailed work in the House and Senate? Committees
Which committee oversees bills dealing with certain kinds of issues. Standing Committees
Under what system do the members of the majority party with the longest uninterrupted service on a particular committee is named its chairperson. Seniority
What kind of staff work directly for an individual lawmaker? Personal
What are three characteristics associated with a senator? Elected to a six year term, must be at least 30 years old, and they are elected state wide.
What are three characteristics associated with a representative? Makes laws for the nation, elected to a two year term, and must be at least 25 years old.
What laws give congress implied powers not enumerated elsewhere? Necessary and Proper
A standing or a select committee of congress may exercise the inherent power to? Investigate
What is the freedom from prosecution for witness whose testimony ties them to illegal acts? Immunity
The system of checks and balances can create an adversarial relationship described as the? Congress vs. President
Amendments on a a subject other than the one covered by a bill are called what? Riders
How does a bill become law? Introducing the bill, committee action, floor action, conference committee action, and presidential action.
Created by: Davie