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Equine Sci (t1)

Eqine Sci (t1)

In order what horses evolved first? Eohippus,Mesohippus, Merychipus,Philiohippus, equis
How long ago did Eohippus live? 50 million years ago!
Where did Eohippus live? CO. and WY. which were swampy jungles
When did mesohippus live? 30 million years ago
When did Merychippus live? 20 million years ago
When did Pliohippus live? 5 million years ago
what was the first single toed horse? Pliohippus
What was the first horse to have eyes set to the side of the head? mesohippus
How big was Mery chippus? 40 inches with a main toe (hoof)
where did pliohippus spread to? South america, asia, europe, and africa
Name 5 problems the equine industry face 1)education and marketing2)expanding youth programs3) animal rights 4)zoning 5)increasing prices
What are 4 concerns of the horse industry? 1)producing only 50% of the foal crop a year 2) 1/7.3 foals are kept studs 3)Retiring them early 4)$
When was the first horse domesticated? 3,000 B.C.
When was the 1st horse harnessed? 1,500B.C. EGYPT
When was the first A.I. done? 600 A.D. Arabains
decribe the first selctive breeding in the US? new england only bred the best of the best (seed stock) 6 mares 2 studs
What are some types of behavior? 1)social 2)sexual 3)digestion 4)defensive
Describe the light class and give on example. 14.2-17 HH QUARTERHORSE ARAB
Describe the draft horse. 15-18 HANDS shire percheron
Describe the pony. Less than 15 hands and less than 800 lbs
What are the 6 classes of the light horse? 1)3gaited 2)5gaited 3)stock 4)hunter 5)driven 6)light racing
What is a stock horse? Quarter horse, paint, appolossa, apendix
What is a hunter horse? Warm bloods, morgan, thoroghberd
What are the 5 gaits? 1) Slow walk 2) Walk 3) Pace 4) rack 5) lope
What are the 4 classes of a heavy draft? 1)Heavy 2)Wagon 3)Farm Chuck 4)Southerners
What are the two types of ponies? 1)driving 2)Riding
how much water does a horse drink a day? 10-12 gallons
how do horses see? Monocular vision
How do they see at night? Well
How far away can they smell water? 10-12 miles
In 24 hours how many does a horse sleep? 7 hours
In halter how is a horse judged? 1.Balance and stucture 2.breed &sex 3. muscel
when did the arab breed industry begain? 1908
What are the 7 types of arabs? 1.eqyption 2.russian 3.purearab 4.1/2arab 5.spanish 6.polish 7.domestic
What are the 3 founding sires of the thoroughbred? 1.Darley arab 2. Godolphin Barb 3.Byerly Turk
What breed of horse can you not use IA Thoroughbred
When was the american quater horse association fourmed? 1940
What is the only breed that can be traced back to a single sire? Morgan
Who was the founding morgan stud? Justin morgan who was used for loggin
When did the Standaerdbred registry start? 1879
What is the pace? Lateral gaited
Who was the founding sire of the Standardbred? Messanger
What is unuiqe about the standardbred? longer pasterns
What breeds make up the american Saddlebred? Morgan, thoroughbred, canadian pacer
When did the american saddlebred Association start? 1891
What type of horse does the Tenn. walking horse resmble? American Saddlebred
When did the tenn. walking horse breed association start? 1935
When did the lippizan breed association start? 1974
Is the 12-13 HH Galicino a pony or a horse? A horse
When did the Galicino breed association start? 1959
Ligiment attaches what to what? bone to bone
Tendon attaches what to what? bone to muscle
what are flexors Moves leg upward
What are Extensors? moves leg out
What is the biggest bone in the front leg? Radius
Large meta tarsus is what? back cannon
Tarsus is what? hock
Large metacarpus front cannon bone
how many bones does the knee have? 7
coronet is what type of marking? Any narrow marking around the coronet above the hoof
Cross is what type of marking? dark line over the withers from side to side
Name 7 leg markings? 1)coronet 2)Half pasturn 3)pasturn 4)ankle 5)half stocking 6)full stocking 7)High stocking
Discribe over bite Parrot mouth Lower jaw is shorter than top
How much does the average horse head weigh 50-75 lbs
Discribe the ewe neck u shaped
Describe the swan neck like an arabain
What is Cresty founder Real thick creast like on a stud
Why is the sholder important in the confermation of a horse? it determines the lenght of stride, and smoothness
Describe the offset knee The cannon bone is offset to the lateral side and does not follow a straight line from the radius
Describe knee splints. Enlarment the can lead to ostoarthritis
What is the toe of the hoof used for? Balance
What are the disadvatages of aging a horse by their teeth? Not an exact sci
What is the only accurate way to tell the exact age of a horse? Know the birthdate
What is the galvaynes grove? Starts when they're 10 yrs old
What is an indidus tooth? Baby teeth
When do they get their first incisor? 2 1/2
When do they get their 2nd incisor? 3 1/2
When do they get their permanent teeth? By six years of age
When do they get their 1st premolar? 5-6 months
When do they get their 2nd pre molar? 2 1/2
The heart girth should be in proportion to what? Lenght of leg
describe a spay out hoof Knee down will twist out
Describe a toed out Pasturn down
What would cause contracted heels? Two bulbs too close together due to tight tendons and ligiments
Higher withers tend to..... Gall
Lower withers tend to...... have front leg problems
What is a goose rump? Drops off short strided, powerful
What is flat croup Long stride no power
What is the box hip Extreemly wide at top an narrow bottom
Merychippus evolved where? Th hard grasses of north america
Horse was first domesticated? 3,000B.C.
horses where first harnessed 1,500 B.C. by the Eqyptions
First Selective breeding drafts in 1,400 B.C.
Horses first rode 750 A.D.
Palomino color breed association begain... 1941
Appolossa color breed association begain... 1939
Pinto color breed association begain... 1945
What is the differance between the Pinto and the paint color breed association? Pinto does not have any genetic requirements
When did the buckskin color breed association begain? 1963
Created by: A-my