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FON 241 body digest

how the body breaks down food

1. Physical chewing
1. Chemistry salivary amylase breaks down polysacchorides (starch)
2. Physical Churning the bolus into chyme
2. Physical ;; Gastrin hormone stimulating gastric juice
2. chem #1 HCI denatures protein (poly peptide)
2. Chem #2 Pepsin breaks down protein (polypeptides)
2. Pancreas bicarbonate = neautralizing HCI
2. Liver Produces bile
2. GB stores bile
2. Bile emulsifies fat to form micelles
3. Phys segmentation
3. Secretin hormone that stumulates the pancreas
3. cholecystokinin (CCK) hormone stimulates liver and GB
3. CHO CHEM #1 pancreatic amylase breaks down polysacchorides (starch)
3. CHO CHEM #2 intestinal disacchoridases (breakdown of dissachorides into monounsaturated)
3. PRO CHEM #1 Pancreatic Protease
3. Pro chem #1 ;; Pancreatic Protease breakdown polypeptides
3. PRO CHEM #2 Intestinal Peptidase
3. Pro chem #2 ;; Intestinal Peptidase break down dipeptides to single AA
3. FAT CHEM Pancreatic Lipase
3. Fat chem ;; Pancreatic Lipase breakdown triglycerides - mono + 2FFA
3. Monosacchorides (absorbed now) glucose + galactose abosorbed via active transport => Blood => Liver => rest of cells
3. Amino Acids (absorbed now) via transport => Blood => liver => rest of cells
3. Fats (absorbed now) via simple difusion => packaged into chylomicrons => lymph => heart => rest of cells
Created by: basian0110