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FON241 chemestry

cho, fat and protien chemestry

CHO; Simple sugars monosoccharides and disoccharides
CHO; monosoccharides glucose, fructose (fruit) and galactose
CHO; disoccharides sucrose, lactose, maltose
CHO; disoccharides ;; SUCROSE glucose + fructose (table sugar)
CHO; disoccharides ;; LACTOSE glucose + galactose (dairy)
CHO; disoccharides ;; MALTOSE glucose + glucose
CHO; Complex CHO polysoccharides
CHO; Polysoccharides ;; PLANTS (DIGESTIBLE) starch
CHO; Polysoccharides ;; PLANTS (NON-DIGESTIBLE) fiber (soluble & insoluble)
CHO; Polysoccharides ;; ANIMALS glycogen (stored in liver and muscle) *ONLY IN LIVING AND NEVER CONSUMED
FATS; Triglycerides 3 fatty acid chain and glycerol
FATS; Triglycerides ;; LENTH OF CHAIN short chain fatty acid *SCFA (<6c) MCFA (6-12c) LCFA (>14c) *most common
FATS; Triglycerides ;; DEGREE OF SATURATION Saturated (no double bond *DB), Monounsaturated (1DB), Polyunsaturated (2 or more DB)
FATS; triglycerides ;; SHAPE straight chains (saturated & solid) VS. bent chains (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated & liquid)
FATS; Phospholipids 2 fatty acid chain, glycerol & phosphate group
FATS; Phospholipids ;; both in water __&__ soluble & insoluble
FATS; Phospholipids ;; found in __ lipid bilayer of all cell membranes
FATS; Sterols carbon ring structure
FATS; Sterols ;; PLANTS heart healty
FATS; Sterols ;; ANIMAL cholesterol = not heart healthy
PRO; Polypeptides composed of many amino acids joined together by peptide bonds
PRO; Amino Acids (total, essential and non essential) 20 total 9 essential 11 non essential *body made (made by transomination)
PRO; ALL Amino Acids central carbon amino group (nitrogen *NH2) acid group (-COOH)
PRO; What makes an AA unique? side group / side chain
Created by: basian0110