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animal sci njc

Define animal sci: A body of knowledge accumulated through experince and research that is related to the breeding, feeding, care, management, marketing, and processing of animals and their products
Animal agriculter began how many years ago? 6,000-10,000
Has animal population kept up with human population? no
How can we manage to feed in increasing population? Quility and size over quanity
What are the factors that made incressed supply possible? 1)Railroads2) refrigeration3)improvement in meat4)supermarkets5)surplus of cereal grains
Average feed efficiencies for cattle? 7.5/1lbs
Average feed efficiencies for chicken? 1.5/1lbs
Average feed efficiencies for pig? 2.5/1lbs
What is the (current) human population? 6 bill.
Where is the most groth occuring? 3rd world countries
What % of the population suffers for malnutrition? 20%
Define disposable income? $ we have 2 spend after taxes
How much disposable income do we have in the US? 10-11
What is a developed country? Average person in a developing country consumes 4 times the meat and 6 times the milk
What % of the worlds livestock lives in developing countries? 60%, BUT only produce 22% of the worlds milk, meat, and eggs
US has what % of the world's livestock? 8%, AND produce 19% of the world's meat, eggs, and milk
How much of the US's land is used to feed ruminat animals? 2/3
What % of the land is pasture and range land 50%
Livestock products account for what % of the agriculture economy 50%
Beef accounts for what % of the receipts generated in livestock products? 50%
What are the 7 corn belt states? IA,IL,IN,OH,MO,KS,NE
What is differnt about the corn belt? Largest single area on earth having the most predictable climate in terms of agricultural productivity
What do they grow in the corn belt? Corn soy beans hogs, and cattle
What are the 5 dairy belt states WI,MI,PENN,NY,CAL
What % of the milk comes from here? 60%
The dairy belt states get alot of .... Rain
Where is the cotton belt? The South
What do they grow in the cotton belt? cotton, peanuts, corn, chickens
What is good about the cotton belt? YEAR ROUND
The average american consumes how many pounds of food a year? 1426 pounds
How many pounds of livestock do we eat a year? 627 pounds
What % of the food dollor is spent on animal products? 51%
What % of the food dollor is spent away from home? 51%
What are the requirements of C.A.B. Upper2/3 choice,51% black hide, 3% fat
What are 10 factors effecting meat consumption? 1)mom's working2)smaller families3)single households4)eating out5)heath6)older population7)more diverse products8)preperation9)microwwaves10)food safety
We are moving from a production driven industry to a... Market driven industry
Define verticalintergration ex: tyson buys beef
What are key consumer trends? $$$,Quality, wholesome, conveniece, safe, consistant
What are the differnt quality grades? 1)prime2)Choice3)Select4)standard
E.P.D. Value given for differant traits
What tempeture should you have the freezer set a t? zero degrees
What does HACCP stand for? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
What are the 7 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point? 1) Conduct hazard analysis 2)Identify Critical Control Points 3)Preventitive measures 4)corrective action 5)monitoring procedures 6)Record keeping 7)monitor
Name 2 foodborne pathogens. 1)E-coli 2)salmonella
What is e-coli found in? hamburger
Who does e-coli effect the most? young and old
what % of out breaks occur due to imprper handling and cooking? 77%
What % outbreaks occure in home due to improper handling? 20%
What % of outbreaks occur due to food manufactering? 3%
How hot should you cook ground poultry? 170*
How hot should you cook groundbeef? 169*
How hot should you cook steaks and roasts 145*
how hot should you cook poultry and pork? until jucies are clear
reaheat should be done at what tempeture? 165
What are the 6 priorityies of nutreits 1)mateneace2)Lactation3)Fetal Development4)Growth5)weight gain 6)Reproduction
Are animals born with limited genetic potential? yes
What are functions of feeds? 1)Maintence2)Growth 3)Finishing 4)Reprodution5) Mecanical6) Chemical
What is mecanical? Chewing and contractions of the gut
What is chemical? Hydrolic Acid and acids
What is finishing? Laying on fat
What does growth require? Protein calcium, and phosphorus
What are some things that require extra energy? 1)Lactaion 2) work 3)wool
What is the definition of nutruition? A substance that nurishies the metabolic process of the body
Created by: A-my