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Karbler OGT Question

Various questions that go along with the Science OGT

What type of cell has no nucleus? Prokayote
What number is considered neutral on the pH scale? 7.0
What is the top part of a wave called? The crest
What is the cause of the Earth's tides? The moon
What is one piece of lab safety equipment that should be worn during every lab? Goggles
This type of energy is energy in motion. Kinetic energy
Which of Newton's Laws states "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"? Newton's 3rd Law
If I run 400km around a track, what is my displacement in meters? 0 meters
Name 3 common elements found in cells. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.
Carbon dioxide, water and this are the reactants in photosynthesis. Energy
In a food (energy) pyramid, which level has the most energy? Producers
What comes first when scientifically solving a problem: record and analyze data, develop a hypothesis or report findings? Develop a hypothesis
What is spontaneous generation? Living things coming from non-living things
If a strand of DNA looks like this : CAGTAC, what would the complimentary strand look like? GTCATG
What are the 3 phases of matter? Solid, liquid and gas
How are stars created? Huge clouds of hydrogen and other matter collapse
According to the Law of Superposition, the oldest layer of rocks is found where? The bottom
Is it an observation or iference: the leaves are falling earlier since the weather has been so cold. Inference
Conduction, convection or radiation: Warm air at the Earth's equator rises and cold air at the poles sink. Convection
This is the main theory of how the Earth was formed. Big Bang theory
These are nonliving factors that affect the organisms in an environment Abiotic factors
We get the atomic number by looking at the number of what in an atom? Number of protons
Physical or chemaical reaction: sugar dissoving in water Physical
When it comes to the evolutionary theory who had the idea that organisms that are best adapted to their environement survive to reproduce? Darwin
This is the idea that the Earth's continents years ago formed a supercontinent that broke apart as the tectonic plates under it shifted. Theory of Continental Drift
Created by: jkarbler