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Digestive Sytem1

What is the thing that breaks down food into small parts so its easier to swallow? The teeth
What works things into small bowls so easier to swallow? The Tongue
The flap of tissue to shut off lungs so you will not choke? The Epiglottic
What directs food to stomach by tighten and squzzeing the food? The Oesphagas
Contols the amount of food that goes into the blood? The Liver
Mixes food with acid to break down food? The Stomach
A small projection no good for disgestion? The Appendex
Releases Faceses waste? Anus
Stores Facecse until it goes to the Anus? The Rectumm
Makes vietams and minerals main source of gas? The Large Intetines
Breaks down food even more around six metres long? Small Intenies
Makes chemials reduces effects of acid? The Pancreas
Stores blie until need in small intines? The Gall Bladder
Makes makes food easier to go down and swallow? Slalivary Glands
What is the tongue made out of? Lots of different kind of mucseles
What cover and holds your teeth in in place? The gums and roots
What is the largest internal organ of the human body and weighs around 1.5kg in the average adult? The Liver
What the is a small sac, attached to the undersurface of the liver? The Gall Bladder
What is fat at one end and slender at the other - and is around 25cm in length/ The Pancreas
What produce 1.5L of Saliva a day? The Slalivary glands
Created by: smibri110