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Step III

Step III - Derm 3

Tx for Kaposi HAART to raise CD count
If initial tx for Kaposi fails then what is the next rx tx Chemo w/ liposome adriamycin AND vinblastine
What is the Koebner phenomenom Injury to epidermis leaves psoriatic skin plaques
What is the best initial tx for psoriasis Emollients
What can be used to slough up build up in psoriasis Salicylic acid
localized psoriasis tx Steroids
instead of coal tar and steroids for tx of psoriasis what else can be used Vita D (calcipotriene) or Vita A (tazarotene) derivatives
if > 30% of pt body is affected by psoriasis what tx can be used UV light
AE MTX Liver fibrosis
Severe, progressive, widespread psoriasis is tx using MTX
Name the immunomodulators in tx of psoriasis Etanercept, alefacept, infliximab
Red itchy plaques flexor surfaces, high IgE Atopic dermatx
Preventive tx for atopic dermatx Avoid hot showers and scratching skin, wear cotton, use emollients (avoid drying the skin)
Tx for Active atopic dermatx Anti-histamines, steroids, tacrolimus, coal tar, phototx, anti-bx if impetigo
Name fungus causing seborrheic dermatx Pityrosporum ovale
Venous incompetence of LE causing hemosiderin build up = venous stasis dermatx
Linear streaked vesicles a/w soap, metal, poison ivy, latex Contact dermatx
Most accurate test for contact dermatx Patch testing
Pruritic, herald patch, Christmas tree rash, salmon colored, spares palms and soles Pityriasis rosea
Tx for Pityriasis rosea Self limiting (8wks); steroids if too itchy
Moderate acne is tx using Benzoyl peroxide + retinoic acid/adapalene/tazarotene
Mild acne is tx using Topical clinda/erythro/sulfacetamide + benzoyl peroxide OR topical retinoid
Severe acne is tx with PO clinda/minocycline/tetracycline/isotretinoin
If melanoma is 1mm depth then what margin needed for excision 1cm
If melanoma is 1-4mm depth then what margin needed for excision 2cm
The strongest risk factor for malignancy in melanoma shape
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