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119 drugs 150-200

nasacort AQ triamcinolone nasal susp. respiratory
aricept donepezil neurological
fioricet butalbital/acet/caffeine analgesic
niaspan niacin vitamin
zithromax azithromycin antiinfective
depakote divalproex neurological
buspar buspirone psych
tri-sprintec norgestimate/ e e h & m
rheumatrex trexall methotrexate antineoplastic
rhinocort aqua budesonide nasal spray respiratory
benicar hct olmesartan hctz cardio
hytrin terazosin cardio
skelaxin metaxalone musculoskeletal
lotrisone clotrimazole/betamethasone antiinfective
cialis tadalafil cardio
avalide irbesartan hctz cardio
wellbutrin sr bupropion sr psych
tessalon benzonatate respiratory
patanol olopatadine ophthalmic
quinine quinine antiinfective
cartia xt dilitiazem er cardio
humalog insulin lispro h & m
aviane levonorgestrel/ e e h & m
pepcid famotidine GI
procardia xl nifidipine er cardio
pamelor nortriptyline psych
tussionex hydrocodone/chlorpheniramine respiratory
nitroquick nitrostat nitroglycerin cardio
dilantin phenytoin neurological
lodine etodolac analgesic
tenoretic atenolol/chlorthalidone cardio
ultracet tramadol/acet analgesic
zanaflex tizanidine musculoskeletal
zyrtec d certizine/pseudophedrine respiratory
humalin n isophane insulin, nph h & m
eskalith, lithonate lithium carbonate psych
monopril fosinopril cardio
kariva apri desogestral/ e e h & m
pyridium uristat phenazopyridine analgesic
abilify aripiprazole psych
biaxin xl clarithromycin xl antiinfective
robaxin methocarbamol musculoskeletal
phenobarbital phenobarbital neurological
lunesta eszopiclone psych
prempro conjugated estrogens medroxy acetate h & m
glycolax polyethylene glycol 3350 GI
zovirax acyclovir aniinfective
inderal propranolol cardio
Created by: mwstuebben