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Stack #47414

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 2

ā, ab (prep. + abl.) (away) from; by (only with living beings)
ad (prep. + acc.) to, toward
anima, -ae, F. soul, spirit, life force
āra, -ae, F. altar
capiō, -ere, cēpī, captus take, capture
cella, -ae, F. storeroom, (small) room
cēlō (1) hide, conceal
cōgitō (1) think, ponder, consider
culpa, -ae, F. guilt, fault
dāmnō (1) condemn, sentence
dubitō (1) doubt, hesitate
glōria, -ae, F. glory, renown
incipiō, -ere, incēpī, inceptus begin
incola, -ae, M. (occasionally F.) inhabitant
incolō, -ere, -uī, --- inhabit
īnsidiae, -ārum, F. (used only in pl.) ambush, plot, treachery
invidia, -ae, F. envy, jealousy
labōrō (1) work
lacrima, -ae, F. tear
lūna, -ae, F. moon, moonlight
moneō, -ēre, monuī, monitus warn, remind
mora, -ae, F. delay
mūtō (1) change, exchange
nātūra, -ae, F. nature
neque or nec (conj.) and not, nor
neque (nec)...neque (nec) neither...nor
nihil or nīl, N. (indeclinable noun) nothing
nisī (conj.) unless, if...not; except
noxa, -ae, F. harm, injury
nunc (adv.) now
pellō, -ere, pepulī, pulsus push, drive (off)
expellō, -ere, expulī, expulsus push out, drive out
per (prep. + acc.) through
prōvincia, -ae, F. province
puella, -ae, F. girl
semper (adv.) always
sententia, -ae, F. feeling, thought, opinion
sentiō, -īre, sēnsī, sēnsus feel, perceive
sī (conj.) if
sub (prep. + acc. or abl.) under
superō (1) overcome, conquer
taceō, -ēre, tacuī, tacitus be (or keep) silent
teneō, -ēre, tenuī, tentus hold, keep, possess
terra, -ae, F. earth, land
unda, -ae, F. wave
veniō, -īre, vēnī, ventus come
vīta, -ae, F. life
Created by: alcarohtare