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Step III

Step III - Neuro 5

HA worst in AM, nausea, seizure, visual changes Brain tumor or mets to brain
How is NPH diagnosed CT w/o
What is the pathophys of Meniere’s dz Incr endolymph
Waxing and waning tinnitus/hearing loss, vertigo, feeling of fullness in ear Meniere’s dz
Pathophys of BPV Calcium carbonate crystals displaced in semicircle canals of vestibula
What type of hearing loss is observed in Meniere’s sensineural
Dizziness worst in AM and vertigo affected by position BPV
Vertigo w/ position mvts, hearing loss/tinnitus, h/o recent URI Labyrinthitis
Changes in sensation of arms, legs or face >> complete/partial vision loss >> weakness >> double vision >>unsteady walk. Dx MS
B/L weakness “stocking glove” distribution in pt w/ post viral infx/vaccx/surgery Guillain barre
What allele is linked to ALZ in recent studies Apo E4
MRI in ALZ shows Hippocampal asymmetry; medial temporal lobes
Confusion/encephalopathy, opthalmoplegia, ataxia Wernicke’s encephalopathy
Antibx to tx hepatic encephalopathy Neomycin
Black widow spider tx Calcium gluconate
Severe muscle cramp, ab pain, weakness, tremor, nausea, fainting, chest pain, dizzy, respiratory difficulty Black widow spider bite
Taste in posterior 1/3 tongue comes from Glossopharyngeal n
Damage to recurrent laryngeal n can be evaluated using Fiberoptic laryngoscopy to look at vocal chords
What are the two MC etio of SAH AVMs and berry aneurysms
Woman >50yo, c/o sudden severe HA, N/V, photophobia, stiff neck, LOC, no fever, global + focal deficits SAH
MC and aggressive primary neoplasm GBM
Progressive memory and personality deterioration d/t temporal and frontal lobe involvement. Seizure, nausea, vomiting, HA, hemiparesis GBM
Young male c/o severe headaches of a piercing quality near one eye or temple that last for fifteen minutes to three hours at a time. "alarm clock headaches" b/c commonly occur during the same time each night Cluster HA
Intense facial pain when wind blows across face Trigeminal neuralgia
Young male c/o hot poker through his eye pain, HA, unilateral Cluster
Pt has pernicious anemia/vegetarian diets/status-post gastric or ileal resection. C/o gradual onset symmetric paresthesias, bowel and bladder dysfunction, leg stiffness, and a stocking-glove sensory neuropathy Vita B12 defx
Pt recently exposed to INH/OCP presents w/ convulsions, hyperirritability, and peripheral neuropathy Vita B6 defx
Alopecia, facial rash in pt on TPN Zinc defx
Periventricular white plaques = MS
Tx for post herpetic neuralgia long term pain management Amytriptyline
Tx for reynaud’s CCB
Tx for Guillain Barre Plasmapheresis and IVIG
ipsilateral facial sensory loss, ataxia, nystagmus, Horner’s syndrome, and contralateral loss of temperature and pain. Vessel PICA
Fever, HA, focal deficits, papilledema over several days Brain abscess
Diagnostic study for brain abscess MRI >> CT
What is Trousseau’s sign and what does it indicate carpal spasm occurs following inflation of a blood pressure cuff above the systolic pressure indicating HYPO Ca2+
Severe headache and vomiting in the setting of papillemema. Pt h/o OCP/steroids/hormone therapy. Dx Cerebral venous thrombus
Tx of cerebral venous thrombus Warfarin and heparin
Obese young (20-45) woman, HA worse in AM, dizzy, N/V, tinnitus, transient double vision/blurriness, intermittment horizontal diplopia, worsens w/ Vasalva, papilledema, ocular pain w/ eye mvt. Dx Pseudotumor cerebri
reversible anticholinesterase inhibitor to tx anticholinergic syndrome Physostigmine
young female, c/o B/L conductive hearing loss w/ FmHx hearing loss Otosclerosis
what bone is affected in Otosclerosis and what reflex is lost Stapes; stapedial reflex
damage to what structure causes sensineural hearing loss CN VIII
inheritance pattern in otosclerosis AD
Major cause of community acquired meningitis Strep pneu, neisseria, listeria (pt >50yo)
Created by: DrINFJ