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Graphic Organizers

Chapter 10-Study Skills

Graphic Organizers Visual displays that help learners comprehend and retain textually important information.
Outlining Classic form of graphic organizer. Uses Roman numerals, upper/lower case letters.
G.O. to reflect text patterns The structure of the graphic should reflect the structure of the text it represents.
Comparison and Contrast Matrix Shows similarities and differences between tow or more things.
Problem and Solution Outline Depicts a problem, attempted solutions, the result or outcomes with the attemped solutions, and the end results.
Network tree Represents the network of relationships that exist between superordinate concepts and subordinate concepts.
Series of events chain Used with narrative material to show the chain of events that lead to the resolution of conflict in a story.
Using ?'s with G.O.'s Using questions with G.O.'s helps student identify patterns in the text.
Semantic (Cognitive) mapping Helps students identify important ideas and shows how these ideas fit together.
Created by: kdbarc