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Consumer Concerns

Ergogenic Work enhancing lactic acid
Protein powders Provide excess protein that most athletes and average people don't need
Side Effect(s) of Protein Powders Break down puts a burden on a kidney
Complete Nutrition Supplements Most are not complete, but it is an advantage for a person that can't eat solid food
Soda Loading Eating baking soda to neutralize lactic acid
Side Effect(s) of Soda Loading Dizziness, Cramp and Diarrhea
Anabolic Steroids Stimulate muscle development
Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids Aggressiveness, acne, hair loss, depression, testicular atrophy, heart failure, and liver damage
hGH (Human Growth Hormone) Taking to make a person taller or larger
Side Effects of hGH Acromegaly, diabetes, thyroid problems, heart disease and shorter life span
Blood Doping Removing RBCs from a person then reinjecting the cells a few days before an event
Purpose of Blood Doping Increase oxygen carrying ability
Side Effects of Blood Doping Changes blood chemistry, slows the blood, and cause heart attack
USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) Responsible for quality of meat and egg
FDA (Food & Drug Admin) Responsible for all other food and supplements
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Responsible for pesticides and water quality
CDC (Center for Disease Control) Responsible for food-borne illnesses
Type 1 of Food Borne Illnesses Infection occur by eating bacteria; occurs a couple of days after eating
Symptoms of Type 1 of Food Borne Illnesses Cramps, diarrhea and fever
Type 2 of Food Borne Illnesses Intoxication caused by eating toxins produced by bacteria; occurs few hours to 1 day after eating
Symptoms of Type 2 of Food Borne Illnesses Weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, blurry vision and difficulty breathing
Cross Contamination Bacteria in raw meat that contact other food or utensils that are not then cook or clean properly
Bioaccumulation Concentration of contaminants of the food chain
Heavy metals High atomic weight elements, denatures proteins, and poison the nervous system
Organic halogens Carbon compound that also contain F, Cl, Br, I. Cause cancer. Used to make silicone (plastic/rubber)
Natural toxicants in foods Things that naturally occur in food
Natural toxicants in some mushrooms Some are poisonous
Natural toxicants of cabbages and turnips Contain goitrogens which cause thyroid enlargements
Natural toxicants of limo beans and fruit seeds Contain cyanogens which releases cyanides
Natural toxicants of green potatoes skin Contain solanine which is a narcotic that causes nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness and paralysis
Delaney Clause No substance known to cause cancer can be added to food
Margin of Safety Zone between the amount used and the level on which harm exist
Some common food additives Color, flavors, nutrients, preservatives, and thickeners
How salt and sugar prevent microbial growth? By causing the movement of water to move out of the microbe
Nitrites and Nitrates Preserve and enhance flavor, but can be converted into nitrosamines which can cause cancer; NO2 and NO3
Sulfites Cheap antioxidants, but can cause allergic reactions in some people
Chinese restaurants syndrome Allergic reaction to MSG (flavor enhancer); cause headache, erythema and chest pain
Radiolytic products Broken pieces of nutrients cause by radio-activating the food to preserve it
Incidental food additives Not purposely added, occur during harvesting or processing; ex. bug bits or glasses
Transgenic Individual that grow from an embryonic cell that had DNA inserted into it
Types of DNA inserted in Transgenic Tolerance genes, growth genes, disease resistance, brighter color, and slow rotting
Surface Water River and lakes
Ground Water Taking from aquifer (underground rocks filled with water)
Hard Water High in Ca and Mg
Soft Water High in Na
Cleaning Process of Water Supply Screen-> Sedimentation-> Activated sludge or trickling filter-> Treated w/ Cl, UV and O3(Ozone)
Bottled Water Supposed to be regulated by FDA, but standards are not very strict
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