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Med Term Chp 4


nose rhin/o or nas/o
throat pharyng/o pharynx
nose throat nasopharynx
mouth throat oropharynx
voicebox larynx laryng/o
windpipe trachea trache/o
airways to the lungs bronchus bronchi/o
lungs pneumon/o
air sac alveolus alveol/o
chest thorax
intercostal muscles between bone / between ribs
asthma resp. disorder w/ episodes of dyspnea
bronchitis inflammation of bronchi / hard to breathe in and out
abnormal lung sounds pleural friction rub, rales, rhonchi, stridor, wheezes
pleural friction rub grating
rales bubbling or crackling
rhonchi humming or whistling
stridor high-pitched harsh crowing
wheezes high-pitched squeaking
ARDS adult respiratory distress syndrome
COPD cronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CF Cystic Fibrosis hereditary /fatal disease /mucus blocks alveoli causing dyspnea
PE pulmonary embolism blocking pulmonary artery by traveling blood clot or fat globule
empyema em- in; py/o- pus; -ema condition pus in the lungs also called pyothorax
influenza viral infection upper/lower resp. system, can cause death
pneumonia infection in some or all lobes of lungs, diff. breathing, fluid in alveoli
pulmonary edema failure of left side of heart to pump adequately, fluid collects in alveoli, dyspnea and orthopnea
hemothorax blood in closed chest, pressure on heart and lungs
pneumothorax sucking chest wound, outside air into chest, pressure on heart and lungs
apnea not breathing
bradypnea very slow breathing
tachypnea very fast breathing
dyspnea painfull breathing
orthopnea must sit up (straight) to breathe
anoxia lack of oxygen in arterial blood, not enough reaching the lungs an- without, ox/o oxygen, -ia condition or state
cyanosis blue-gray in color low oxygen, high carbon dioxide in blood and tissue
hypoxemia hypo- below, ox/o oxygen, -emia condition of blood
hypoxia hypo- below, ox/o oxygen, -ia condition or state
ABG aterial blood gases
AFB acid-fast bacillus
AP anteroposterior (view on chest x-ray)
BS breath sounds
COPD cronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CPAP continuous positive airway pressure
DOE dyspnea on exertion
PFT pulmonary funtion test
PPD protein purified derivative (TB test) packs per day
SIDS sudden intant death syndrome
SOB shortness of breath
mediastinum smaller chest cavity w trachea, heart
empyema py/o pus, localized collection of pus in thoracic cavity
Created by: christiethoreson