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Solar Energy

"5th Grade - Solar Energy Terms & Definitions"

shadow the dark area created by an object that stops light
orientation a position or arrangement in relation to another position or location
compass an instrument used to determine direction. The needle points to magnetic north
Sun a star around which Earth and other planets revolve (turn). Gives off heat and light energy
direction the course or line around which something moves, lies, or points
thermometer a tool to measure temperature
elapsed time the difference between a start time and an ending time
earth material nonliving substance that makes up or comes from the earth
energy transfer the change of energy from one form to another (such as light to heat), or the movement of energy from one object to another (such as heat moving from air to soil or water)
heat sink a material, such as water, that can absorb a large amount of heat for its volume and release energy slowly
solar energy energy from the Sun. This energy takes several forms, including visible light and infrared light that can be felt as heat
absorb to take up, soak in, or capture. Black plastic absorbs the Sun’s energy
reflect to bounce back. White plastic reflects the Sun’s energy
solar collector a material used to capture solar energy in a water heater or other device
surface area the total surface of an object; for a rectangle or square surface it equals length times width
space heating the transfer of heat energy to air in an enclosed space
passive solar energy a system providing space heating (or cooling) by the action of sunshine falling on the building without the assistance of mechanical or electrical devices
active solar energy a system providing space heating (or cooling) by the action of sunshine falling on collectors and the assistance of mechanical or electrical devices to move heat around
Created by: Hushekclan