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vocab ch 2

vocab words from lang stories

tangible capable of being touched or felt
quarry the object of a hunt: prey
disarming overcoming suspicion or inspiring confidence
cultivated refined or cultured in manner
amenity something that adds to ones comfort or convience
condone to forgive or overlook
droll amusingly odd or comical
scruple a feeling of uneasiness that keeps a person from doing something
solicitously in a manner expressing care or concern
imperative absolutely necessary
zealous intensly enthusiastic
prospects chances or possibilities: especially financial success
incessantly without interruption: continuously
vexation irritation or annoyance
pauper a poor person or one who depends on public charity
adulation excessive praise or flattery
ahast filled with shock or horror
disconsolate extremely depressed or dejected
gamut an entire range or series
privation the lack of basic necessity or a comfort of life
askew crooked; to one side
preclude to make impossible esp by taking action in advance
impunity freedom from penalty or harm
immolation death or destruction
abscond to go away suddenly or secretly
repose to lie dead or at rest
termination an end limit or edge
subside to decrease in amount or intensity; settle down
aperture an opening such as a hole or gap
clamor a noisy outburst or outcry
dispirited dejected
retaliate to pay back an injury in kind
flay to whip or lash
stark complete or utter extreme
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