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Med Term Chp3

medical terms

-algia pain (neuralgia; nerve pain)
-centesis punture and withdraw fluid (amniocentesis)
-ectomy remove (appendectomy)
-genic to produce (carcinogenic; cancer producing)
-gram, -graph visual record (mammogram, radiograph)
-graphy process/proceedure
name the path of alimentary canal mouth, oropharynx, esophagus, cardiac sphincter, stomach, pyloric sphincter, duodenum, jejunum, illium, ileocecal valve, cecum, ascending colon, hepatic flexure, transverse colon, splenic flexure, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum, anus, anal sphin
-itis inflamation (gingivitis)
-osis abnormal condition (scoliosis; abnormal curve of spine)
-pathy disease
-pexy putting back into correct position
-plasty make function and look better (nose job)
-rrhagia hemorridge/excessive bleeding
-rrhaphy sew something preexisting (think rafia, sting)
-rrhea flowing
-scope lighted instrument
-scopy proceedure with scope
-stomy create a round opening (colonostomy)
-tomy incision (episiotomy...)
arthr/o joint
cardi/o heart
cephal/o head
col/o or colon/o large intestine
cyst/o urinary (bladder shaped)
vesic/o urinary (bladder)
cyt/o cell/ blood cell
encephal/o brain
enter/o small intestine
gastr/o stomach
hepat/o liver
hyster/o or metr/o uterus
mast/o or mamm/o breast
myel/o bone marrow &/ spinal chord
my/o muscle
nephr/o or ren/o kidney
oophor/o ovary
oste/o bone
pneum/o or pneumon/o lungs
rhin/o nose
salping/o fallopian tube
thorac/o or thor/o chest
a-, an-, -ana, -ar without
circum-, peri- around
dia- complete, thorough
hemi-, semi- half
retro- behind
para- near
trans- across
ab- opposite of (away) ad- toward
brady- opposite of (slow) tachy- fast
ab- away
ad- toward
brady- slow
tachy- fast
dys- painfull bad difficult
eu- normal
dys- opposite of (painfull) eu- (normal)
endo- innermost (layer)
meso- middle (layer)
exo- outside (layer)
epi- opposite of (above/upon) sub- (below)
epi- above/upon
sub- below
hyper- opposite of (too much/above) hypo- (too little/below)
hyper- too much/above
hypo- too little/below
intra- opposite of (within) inter- (between)
intra- within
inter- between
poly- opposite of (too many) oligo- (too little)
poly- too many
oligo- too little
supra- opposite of (above) infra- (below)
supra- above
infra- below
anastomosis joining of passageways to restore flow
MRI magnetic resonance imaging /for soft tissue
CAT scan/ CT scan computerized axial tomography /for depth, deffinition for boney structures
x-ray flat plate of abdomen /for general info
anorexia without appetite condition, state, thing
dysphagia painful eating/swallowing condition, state, thing
polyphagia many/too much eating/swallowing
dyspepsia painful digestion condition, state, thing
glossitis tongue inflammation
esophageal varices throat pretaining to swollen veins
intussusception to receive within a process, being or having (think telescoping)
volvulus twisting of intestine
appendicitis appendix inflammation
diverticulum little pouch created in the wall of colon
polyp tissue growth protrudeing into /blocking; pre-cancerous
hemorrhoids flowing of blood resembling
constipation compacted feces process, being or having
diarrhea completely through flow
flatulence gas state of
incontinence within, not hold together state of
adhesions two surfaces stuck together
hernia bulge, pushing or protruding where it should not
peritonitis double-layer serous membrane in abdonminopelvic cavity) inflammation
ascites fluid accumulation causing cavity to bulge out
cirrhosis yellow condition, abnormal condition
hepatitis liver inflammation
juandice yellow state, quality
cholangitis bile duct inflammation
cholecystitis gallbladder inflammation
cholelithiasis bile stone state of, process of
-cele hernia or bulge
cholangiography bile duc process of recording
gallbladder ultrasound upper GI
abdonimocentesis abdomen puncture and w/draw fluid
appendectomy appendix remove/take out
cholecystectomy gallbladder remove/ take out
laparoscopic abdomen lighted instrument pretaining to
colostomy colon create round opening
endoscopy innermost proceedure w/ lighted instrument
gastrectomy stomach remove/take out
gastroplasty stomach make funtion and look better
gastrostomy stomach create round opening
PEG tube feeding tube directly into stomach
percutaneous through, throughout skin pertaining to
a.c. before meals; ante cibum
BS bowel sounds
GERD gastroesophogeal reflux disease
HAV Hep A virus
HBV Hep B virus
HCV Hep C virus
LFTs liver function tests
NG nasogastric
NPO / n.p.o. nothing by mouth (nils per os)
p.c. after meals (post cibum)
PEG percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy; making a round opening for a feeding tube directly into stomach
PO / p.o. by mouth (per os)
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