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Word Parts - Medical

'word parts' found in "Basic Medical Language"

-ad toward
adrenal adrenal gland
anter, anteri before, front
arthr joint
-asthenia weakness
audi hearing
blephar eyelid
burs bursa
carp carpus (wrist)
caud tail, down, downward
cephal head, up, upward
cerebr cerebrum, brain
chondr cartilage
cost rib
crani cranium (skull)
crin to secrete
-desis surgical fusion
dist away
dors back
encephal brain
femor femur (upper leg)
glyc glucose
hemi- half
ili ilium
infer, inferi below
inter- between
irid iris
ischi ischium
-ism state of
kerat cornea
kinesi movement, motion
later side
-malacia softening
medi middle
mening meninges
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry measurement
myel spinal cord
myring eardrum
necr death
-odynia pain
opthalm eye
opt vision
-or pertaining to (when used with directional word roots ending in 'I')
oste bone
ot ear
phalang finger or toe bones
phas speech
pleg paralysis
-plegia paralysis
poli gray, gray matter
poly- many
poster, posteri behind, back
proxim near
psych mind
pub pubis
quadr- four
rachi vertebra, spine, vertebral column
retin retina
-schisis split, fissure
scler sclera
spondyl vertebra, spine, vertebral column
stern sternum (breast bone)
super, superi above
ten tendon
tendin tendon
thym thymus gland
thyroid thyroid gland
troph development
tympan middle ear
ventr belly
vertebr vertebra, spine
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