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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Word Parts - Medical 'word parts' found in "Basic Medical Language" Physical Therapy 2020-05-13 Hunter10 72 1 edit
MedTermFromWordParts Medical terms built from word parts - Basic Medical Language Physical Therapy 2015-05-18 Hunter10 374 1 edit
MedTermNotWordParts Medical terms not built from word parts Physical Therapy 2010-10-06 Hunter10 29 0 edit
Med Abbriviations Medical abbriviations Unfinished 2016-04-24 Hunter10 395 1 edit
Myotome Testing Myotome testing Physical Therapy 2010-10-14 Hunter10 14 1 edit
Reflex Testing Reflexes Physical Therapy 2010-10-13 Hunter10 5 0 edit
Dermatomes Listing Dermatome Physical Therapy 2021-09-16 Hunter10 20 2 edit
Loose Packed Joints Loose Packed Joint Positions Physical Therapy 2015-05-27 Hunter10 20 1 edit
Closed Pack Joints closed pack joint positions Physical Therapy 2010-10-13 Hunter10 21 0 edit
Capsular Patterns SB Capsular Patterns from Score Builders Physical Therapy 2010-10-14 Hunter10 24 0 edit
Muscle Weakness Myotome Muscle Weakness Physical Therapy 2016-02-07 Hunter10 20 4 edit
Affected Reflexes Reflexes affected if nerve root damage Physical Therapy 2010-10-14 Hunter10 20 0 edit
NerveRootParasthesia Nerve Root Parasthesias Physical Therapy 2010-10-21 Hunter10 20 0 edit
BrachialPlexusNerves Nerves of the Brachial Plexus Physical Therapy 2012-10-16 Hunter10 15 1 edit
LE Innervation LE Innervation Physical Therapy 2015-09-02 Hunter10 12 2 edit
CNs and Testing Cranial nerves and methods of testing Physical Therapy 2010-10-21 Hunter10 12 0 edit
PNS Fibers PNS Fibers Unfinished 2010-10-22 Hunter10 17 0 edit
Nerve Injuries-Types Types of Nerve Injuries Physical Therapy 2010-10-22 Hunter10 15 0 edit
PNS Pathology Peripheral NS Pathologies Physical Therapy 2010-10-22 Hunter10 24 0 edit
UMNL vs LMNL Upper motor neuron lesions vs. lower Physical Therapy 2010-10-22 Hunter10 8 0 edit
Brain Blood Supply blood supply to the brain Unfinished 2010-10-22 Hunter10 16 0 edit

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