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Zoology Quiz 4

Feliforms are _________-_____________ carnivores. cat-like
Explain the difference between plantigrades and digitigrades. Plantigrades walk on the entire bottom of their feet, while digitigrade walk on their toes.
The Latin word "felix" means: happy
What special sensory organ do cats have? whiskers
The ____________ cannot retract its claws. cheetah
Apex predator An animal is an apex predator if the other animals around it do not consider it to be their typical prey.
Which cat forms strong family bonds? Lions
What cat has "tear stains" that go from its eyes to its mouth? cheetah
The leopard is only found on which 2 continents? Africa and Asia
What are leopard's kittens called when they are completely black? black panthers
A social group of lions is called a ________________. pride
What is melanin? A chemical in the leopard's fur causing it to be black.
Do male or female lions hunt for the pride? female lions
Where can you NOT find lions? In deserts and rain forests.
What are the 3 wild cats found in North America? Canada lynx, bobcat and cougar
How is a hyena like a mule? Its neck is thick and long like a mule.
How is a hyena like a German shepherd? Its face is dog-like.
How is a hyena like a cat? It purrs when it is nursing.
How is a hyena like vulture? It is a scavenger. (Cleaning up dead animals)
How is a hyena like a shark? Spotted hyenas try to kill their siblings as soon as they are born.
Do all hyenas behave the same? No. Spotted hyenas behave differently from other hyenas.
List the 4 species of hyenas. Spotted, brown, stripped and aardwolf
What may cause the spotted hyena's strange behavior? Mutations in their genes.
What is one of the most dangerous animals in the world? The mongoose.
What kind of homes do creatures from the family of Herpestidae create for themselves? underground tunnels
Created by: elizabethzoology