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Crucible Act III

American Literature

What is Dramatic Irony? The contradiction between what a character thinks and what the audience knows to be true
What is verbal irony? when a character says a one thing but means something quite differently
Give an example of verbal irony in the crucible If john proctor said, "Abigail is a sweet but innocent maiden,"
What three dangers of the legal system does act III point out? public opinion is a poor court. The judges had preconceived ideas. Histerical people with a lot of emotion can be dangers in a court room.
What three points were presented to the court to try and solve the case? Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse are respected in the community. Giles Corey accuses Thomas Putnam of making up witchcraft to gain land. Mary Warren taking back what she said before about the witchcraft.
What does Danforth demand as truth?
Created by: ncatani