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1. Pine needles and tulip leaf are examples of leaves
2. Name two things stems of plants do. 1. Carry food, water & minerals to rest of plant. 2. Support the plants
3. Plants need ________________________ and __________________________ to live. sunlight, water
4. All plants have ___________________. cells
5. Why is the daisy's stem flexible? The stem carrys out photosynthesis making the stem flexible.
6. What kind of root is a carrot? Taproot
7. Making nectar helps flowers become pollinated because Nectar attracts birds, insects and bats. The pollen sticks to the insects or animal which then carrys it to another flower which helps to pollinate.
8. Name a plant that grows from spores? Fern
9. A stamen makes pollen
10. Describe a spore A single cell and smaller than a seed.
11. How does a plant grow with seeds? 1. Flowers that pollinate produce fertilized eggs that develop into seeds. 2. Fruit grows around the seeds. 3. Fruit and seeds separate from the parent plant. 4. The new seeds germinate-begin to grow.
12.How are taproots and fibrous roots alike? anchor and absorb water and minerals from the soil.
13. How can you grow apples without starting with seeds? grafting
14.Name the second step in the photosynthesis process. turns into sugar for energy
15. Name the first step in the photosynthesis process. Plant takes in carbon dioxide, water & sunlight so they can live
16. How are taproots and fibrous roots different? Fibrous is same length, spreads out in all directions and remains close to the top of the dirt. Taproot-large main root, grows straight down, stores food for the plant, it grows thicker
A seed might remain ________________ for years before it grows. dormant
A sperm cell and egg cell combine during _____________________. fertilization
The ____________________ is the female organ of the flower that produces egg cells. pistil
Plants make their own food during a process called ______________________________. photosynthesis
The _______________ is the leaflike part of a plant that protects the flower bud. sepals
Plants are green because of a green material called ______________________. chlorophyll
The _______ is the part of the flower that grows into a fruit that protects the seeds. ovary
What are the small openings on the underside of leaves? stomata
What is the job of the stomata? The tiny openings let carbon dioxide, oxygen and water pass into the leaves.
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