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Step III

Step III - Neuro 1

Cortical atrophy most predominant in the frontal and temporal lobes describes what dz Pick’s dz
Diffuse white matter lesions with lacunar infarcts describes what dz Vascular dementia
Pt has chronic progressive step wise course of neurobehavioral changes. Dx Vascular dementia
Pt has apathy, poor judgement, fetishes, lack of inhibition and compulsions. What lobe is affected and what is the dx Frontal; Pick’s dz
Dilated ventricles with significant cortical atrophy is found in what dz ALZ
What is the difference seen in cortex of patient with ALZ vs NPH ALZ = sig cortical atrophy; NPH = no cortical atrophy
Pt has trauma, lucid interval, now c/o HA, dilated pupils, HTN, bradycardia. Dx Epidural hematoma
Two MCC of subarachnoid hemorrhage Berry aneurysms and AV malformations
Pt is woman >50yo who c/o severe headache, neck stiffness, back pain, photophobia and N/V. Dx SAH
Pt has blunt trauma to head,, lucid interval, hemiparesis, dilated pupil. Dx Subdural hematoma
What is the most common and most aggressive primary brain tumor GBM
Progressive memory and personality deterioration. Dx GBM (this presentation apparently is very distinguishing for GBM)
What is the gold standard dx and first line tx for temporal arteritis Temporal artery biopsy; high dose PO corticosteroids
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