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Step III

Step III - OMM/Msk 2

What is the tenderpoint for the piriformis muscle midline between the ILA of the sacrum and the greater trochanter of the femur
Sacral forward torsion is a/w a tender point for what muscle Gluteus medius
How would you treat the piriformis muscle using conterstrain patient prone, flexion right lower extremity, and leg abducted and externally rotated
Sidebending of L5 does what to sacrum Engages ipsilateral oblique axis
Rotation of L5 causes what kind of rotation in the sacrum Opposite
(+) Seated flexion test on RIGHT means oblique axis is on LEFT (the axis is “normal”)
What is the posterior Chapman point for the appendix located TP T11
You are dx single segment somatic dysfxn in pt. FLEXION makes asymmetry BETTER and motion restriction DECREASES. Name the dx F/E FLEX (better = motion of ease = dysfunction)
What are the sites of attachment of the dura in the cranial sacral synchronization motion theory Foramen magnum, C2, C3, S2
What is the nL rate of the CRI 10-14 cycles/min
What can cause CRI to decrease Psycho stress
At what axis does the sacrum rotate during pulm respiration Superior transverse
Inhalation rib dysfunctions fir ribs 1-5 would show what anteriorly and posteriorly In pump-handle ribs (1-5) you would expect to find anterior narrowing of the intercostal space directly above the bottom rib and you should feel a prominence over the superior edge of the posterior rib angle
Somatic dysfunction of head and neck correlate to what spinal level T1-4
What is Adson’s test looking for Thoracic outlet syndrome
How is Spurling’s test done extending the C-spine and sidebending to the side being tested and applying compression
What is spurling’s test looking for narrowing of the cervical foramina
What are the two points used to measure leg length ASIS and medial malleoli
leg length discrepancies having several structural findings. What happens to the sacral base and inominates Unleveled where base will be lower on side of short leg; ant inom on short leg, post inom on long leg
what is the lumbar dysfx found in pt’s with leg length discrepancies (type I) with sidebending away from and rotation toward the short leg
what is the recommendation for heel lifts in elderly Start @1.5mm (1/16”) then incremental (1/16”) incr q2wks to reach goal
what is the recommendation for heel lifts in flexible ppl Start @3.2mm (1/8”) then incremental (1/8”) incr q2wks until ½ or ¾ of goal
what is the goal of pedal pump Incr thoraco-abdominal pressure
CI to pedal pump Recent ab surgery, DVT, LE fractures
What are the bucket handle ribs 5-9
lateral narrowing of the corresponding intercostal spaces is a/w what type of ribs Bucket handle 5-9
Anterior narrowing occurs in dysfunction of ribs that move primarily by the pump-handle trajectory 1-4
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