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Med surg final

Hemoglobin Values for women 12-16 g/dL
Sodium Levels 135-145 mEq/dL
Potassium Levels 3.5-5.1 mEq/dL
Magnesium Levels 1.6-2.6 mg/dL
Phosphorus Levels 2.7-4.5 mg/dL
Chloride Levels 98-107 mEq/dL
Bicarbonate (venous) 22-29 mEq/L
INR 2.0-4.5
Glucose Levels 70-110 mg/dL
Sinemet (carbidopa/levodopa) s/e dry mouth, dark urine, dizziness
Sinemet (carbidopa/levodopa) toxicity spasmodic winking, tongue protrusion, facial grimaces, muscle twitching
Symptoms of Myastenia Gravis Difficulty controlling muscles, dysphagia, dyspnea (can be fatal)
Percentage of Huntington's Disease to be passed to offspring 50% chance
Initial symptoms of Guillan Barre paresthesia and weakness of lower extremities, progressing from distal to proximal
Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation Double vision (diplopia)
Symptoms of ALS (Amylotropic Lateral Sclerosis) Dysphagia, hyperreflexia, slurred speech
Diabetes Insipidus lacks or deficient of: ADH (Anti-diuretic Hormone)
alterations in serum calcium and phosphorus levels, which of the following is dysfunctional? Parathyroid
Calcitonin Regulates serum calcium levels
pheochromocytoma tumor of the adrenal medulla resulting in overproduction of epinephrine
Cushing's results in Overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands
Results from thyroid dysfunction Graves Disease
Disease processes that can elevate glucose levels cushing's and pheochromocytoma
Addison's disease symptoms Skin and mucous membranes develop characteristic bronze skin tones with this disorder, which is hypoadrenalism
Goiter is hyperplasia of the thyroid gland
Cushing's Symptoms moon face, buffalo hump, hypertension, hirsuitism, purple striae
Graves Disease hyperthyroidism, tachycardia, exophtalmos, high metabolic rate, intolerance to heat
Myxedema hypothyroidism, extreme fatigue, intolerance to cold, slow peristalsis
Teaching for Metmorfin (glucophage) Report changes in voiding pattern. Can cause renal complications
Lantus (insuline glargine) Should be administered at night, it does not peak
Symptoms of BHP Feeling the bladder has not been completely emptied after voiding, nocturia
Symptoms of Epididimytis Severe tenderness and swelling in the scrotum
Symptoms of urethritis Difficult, painful, and frequent urination with urethral discharge
Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) slide test and a rapid plasma reagin are both blood tests for diagnosing which of the following? Syphilis
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