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Chinese Lesson 13


人民幣 ren min bi - currency of the People's republic of China
新台幣 xin tai bi - currency of Taiwan (New Taiwan Dollars)
港幣 gang bi - currency of Hong Kong
美金 mei jin - U.S. Dollar
歐元 ou yuan - Euro
yuan - dollar (written form)
jiao - dime (written form)
fen - penny (written and spoken form)
kuai - dollar (spoken form)
mao - dime (spoken form)
上衣 shang yi - upper-clothing
大衣 da yi - overcoat
外套 wai tao - coat
背心 bei xin - vest
西裝 xi zhuang - suit
夾克衫(夾克) jia ke shan (jia ke) - jacket
毛衣 mao yi - sweater
T﹣恤衫(T﹣恤) ti xu shan (ti xu) - T-Shirt
內衣 nei yi - underwear
長褲 chang ku - long pants
短褲 duan ku - shorts
牛仔褲 niu zai ku - jeans
內褲 nei ku - underpants
裙子 qun zi - skirt
迷你裙 mi ni qun - miniskirt
鞋子 xie zi - shoes
皮鞋 pi xie - leather shoes
球鞋 qiu xie - sneakers
拖鞋 tuo xie - slippers
涼鞋 liang xie - sandals
靴子 xue zi - boots
襪子 wa zi - socks
手錶 shou biao - watch
耳環 er huan - earrings
手鐲 shou zhuo - bracelet
戒指 jie zhi - ring
項鏈 xiang lian - necklace
眼鏡 yan jing - glasses
帽子 mao zi - hat
手套 shou tao - gloves
手絹 shou juan - handkerchief
領(first part should be "jin" from "jin tian")帶 ling dai - necktie
圍巾 wei jin - scarf
穿 chuan - to wear, put on (regular clothes)
穿上 chuan shang - to put on (regular clothes)
dai - to wear, put on (accessories)
戴上 dai shang - to put on (accessories)
tuo - to take off (regular clothes)
脫下 tuo xia - to take off (regular clothes)
zhai - to take off (accessories)
摘下 zhai xia - to take off (accessories)
紅色 hong se - red
白色 bai se - white
黑色 hei se - black
黃色 huang se - yellow
綠色 lu se - green
藍色 lan se - blue
紫色 zi se - purple
粉紅色 fen hong se - pink
橙色(橘色) cheng se (ju se) - orange
洃(without water radical)色 hui se - gray
棕色(咖啡色) zong se (ka fei se) - brown
金黃色 jin huang se - gold
銀洃(without water radical)色 yin hui se - silver
深色 shen se - dark
深藍色 shen lan se - dark blue
淺色 qian se - light
淺綠色 qian lu se - light green
彩色 cai se - multicolored
Created by: bsmithabc
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