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physical earth

the 8 plANETS in our solar system Mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranis neptune
layer of gas that surrounds the autmosphere asteriods
peices of chunks and iorns from space meteoroids
waters, rivers hydrosphere
layer of gas that surounds earth atmosphere
any living thing biosphere
inner part of earth core
thick layer of rock mantle
rocky shell forming earth crust
continents that slowly drifted apart thousands of years ago continental drift
1 big continent but slowly drifted apart pangea
a famous falt in california San Andreas fault
the study of volcanoes volcanology
the opening of a volcano crater
the place where magma flows up chimney
the place where the magma sits volcanic seat
a hot substance in a volcano magma
hot rock lava
in the progress of erupting active
could erupt in the future dormant
wont erupt again extinct
the study of fossils palentology
why were all the dinosaurs wiped out so quickly astroniod
where do dimonds originate volcano
Created by: mkriegshauser