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Test Review Latin 1

SHS first 9 weeks

fenestra window
puella girl
puer boy
legit he reads
quod because
nomine by name
hodie today
liber book
sumus we are
sunt they are
servus slave
minime no
quinque five
solus alone
est he is
vir man
vexillum flag
camera room
quattuor four
scribit she is writing
laeta happy
tandem at last
ubi where
septem seven
certe yes
regula ruler
Dies Martis Tuesday
quis who
defessa tired
horologium clock
Dies Mercurii Wednesday
currit he runs
lente slowly
es you are
cadit it falls
lucerna light
etiam also
arca box
quindecim fifteen
arcae boxes
subito suddenly
sed but
Created by: leo mullins