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Stack #46740

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 1

aqua, -ae, F. water
cum (prep. + abl.) with
enim (postpositive conj.) indeed, of course; for
et (conj.) and
et...et (conj.) Both...and
et (adv.) even
in (prep. + acc.) into, onto (motion toward)
in (prep. + abl.) in, on (place where)
nauta, -ae, M. sailor
-ne (enclitic) (added to the first word of an interrogative sentence or clause; it indicates a question)
patria, -ae, F. native land, country
poena, -ae, F. penalty, punishment
porta, -ae, F. gate
-que (enclitic) and
sed (conj.) but
taeda, -ae, F. torch
turba, -ae, F. crowd, uproar
via, -ae, F. way, road, path, street
ambulō (1) walk
clāmō (1) shout
corōna, -ae, F. crown, wreath
corōnō (1) crown
cūra, -ae, F. care, concern, anxiety
dē (prep. + abl.) concerning, about; (down) from
dō, dare, dedī, datus give, grant
dōnō (1) give, present, reward
ē, ex (prep. + abl.) out of, from
fāma, -ae, F. talk, report, rumor, fame, reputation
fēmina, -ae, F. woman
fōrma, -ae, F. form, shape, figure, beauty
habeō, -ēre, habuī, habitus have, hold, possess, consider
impleō, -ēre, implēvī, implētus fill, fill up
īnsula, -ae, F. island
nōn (adv.) not
optō (1) desire,wish (for); choose
pecūnia, -ae, F. money
poenās dare to pay a penalty
poēta, -ae, M. poet
rēgīna, -ae, F. queen
sum, esse, fuī, futūrus be, exist
terreō, -ēre, terruī, territus frighten, alarm, terrify
timeō, -ēre, timuī, ---- fear, be afraid (of)
videō, -ēre, vīdī, vīsus see
Created by: alcarohtare