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Aeneid Vocab 9-14 times frequency (iacto-murus)

iacto (1) to throw out; consider, discuss; pronounce, utter, speak
idem the same
imago, imaginis, f. image; ghost, vision; reminder
immanis, -e huge; monstrous, frightful
imperium, -i, n. command, order; supreme authority, sovereignty
imus, -a, -um lowest, deepest, last
incipio, incipere, incepi, inceptus to begin
insto, instare, institi, instaturus to stand upon, take a position; press, pursue
interea meanwhile
Iovis (gen. sg. of Iuppiter) Jove, Jupiter
ira, -ae, f. anger, fury, wrath, hate, ire
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus to join, unite, connect
laetus, -a, -um joyous, happy, delighted; pleasant, grateful
Latium district in Italy south of the Tiber
lego, legere, legi, lectus gather, collect, choose, pick; survey; read
lumen, luminis, n. (pl. lumina) light; (pl. eyes)
malus, -a, -um evil, wicked, bad; hostile
maneo, manere, mansi, mansus to remain, stay
mare, maris, n. sea
metus, -us, m. fear, dread, apprehension
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtus to mix, mingle, intermingle
mitto, mittere, misi, missus to send, let go; throw; dismiss
mons, montis, m. mountain, hill; mass, heap
morior, mori, mortuus est to die (deponent verb)
mors, mortis, f. death
murus, -i, m. wall, city wall
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