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Topic: Water

Geographic Terms and Understanding

One of the four bodies of water on the earth Ocean
A body of freshwater or saltwater of considerable size, surrounded by land Lake
The beginning of a brook or river Source
A large river of ice formed from snow on high ground Glacier
An artificial waterway for navigation or irrigation Canal
A large natural stream of water River
A portion of the sea extending ino the land Gulf
The part of a river where its waters empty into the sea or into another river Mouth
An area where the soil is under shallow water, such as a swamp, marsh, or bog Wet land
A place where water is collected and stored for future use, especially an artificial basin created by the damming of a river Reservoir
The movement of water from the earth to air and back agian to the earth by evaporation, condesation, and precipitation Water cycle
Part of a body of water that reaches into the land, smaller than a gulf Bay
A river that flows into a larger river Tributary
Water that lies beneath the surface of the earth Ground Water
A part of a river's course where the water rushes over rocks Rapids
The flow of a stream of a water, either in a river or through an ocean Current
A narrow waterway connecting two large bodies of water Strait
Land built up by deposits at the mouth of a river Delta
A usually dry river channel, found in desert regions, that fills with running water during a cloudburst Wadi
A body of water encircled by a coral reef Lagoon
The regular rising of the ocean Water tides
A narrow inlet of the sea between the steep sides of a glaciated valley Fjord
The broad mouth of a river into which the tide flows Estuary
A bed of salt lake that contains water a irregular periods Playa
A very powerful ocean wave, set off by earthquakes or undersea volcano eruptions, that cause great desrtuction on land Tsunami
The study of the ocean and the life within it Oceanographyrs
A narrow strip of water extending into a coast Inlet
A riverbank higher than the surrounding land Levee
The level below which the ground is saturated with water Water table
A floating mass of ice that has broken off from a glacier Ice berg