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Review 4 Nouns

Latin Review of Nouns

LatinEnglishGenitive SGender
Amnis river amnis (i-stem) M
Amor love amoris M
Arx citadel, castle arcis (i-stem) F
Auctor originator, founder, author auctoris M
Caedes slaughter, murder caedis (i-stem) F
Cupido longing, desire, eagerness cupidinis F
Cura care, carefulness, anxiety curae F
Decus onament, honor, glory; (pl) honorable exploits decoris N
Flamma flame flammae F
Frater brother fratris M
Gratia pleasantness; influence; gratitude; (pl) thanks gratiae F
Hostis enemy hostis (i-stem) M
Ignis fire ignis (i-stem) M
Imber rainstorm, shower imbris (i-stem) M
Imperium command, empire imperi (1-eyed-N) N
Laus praise, fame, glory laudis F
Mare sea maris (i-stem) N
Mater mother matris F
Memoria memory memoriae F
Mors death mortis (i-stem) F
Multitudo large number, number, multitude multitudinis F
Munus duty; favor; funeral; gift muneris N
Navis ship navis (i-stem) F
Nepos grandson; granddaughter nepotis M or F
Nihil nothing - - - - - -
Nomen name nominis N
Numen devine will, devine spirit, devinity numinis N
Parens parent parentis (i-stem) M or F
Pars part, share; role partis (i-stem) F
Parum too small an amount, too little - - - N
Pater father patris M
Pectus breast, heart pectoris N
Plus a larger amount - - - N
Propinquus kinsman, relative propinqui M
Satis a sufficient amount, a sufficient number, enough - - - N
Soror sister sororis F
Timor fear timoris M
Urbs city urbis (i-stem) F
Vires strength virium F
Virtus manliness, virtue, worth, courage virtutis F
Vis force vis (i-stem) F
Created by: Anthony Lawrence



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