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human body science

tells us how the human body works

the long tube that leads to the stomach oesophagus
j shaped bag stomach
the digestive system starts here mouth
where does are waste store? the rectom
what intestine is bigger the small or the large? the small intestine is bigger than the large intestine
where does the waste come out of? the anus
what does the herbivore eat? the herbivore eats plants
what does the carnivore eat? the canivore eats other animals
what does the omnivore eat the omnivore eats both plants and animals (this is the human)
what does the insectivore eat? the insectivore eats only insects
(teeth) whatis the molar the molar is the top and bottom towards back of the mouth.They grind food
(teeth) what is the pre- molar they are between the molars and canine. they help breakdown food by rolling and crushing
(teeth) what is the incisor 4 front at the top and bottom. they cut the food.
(teeth) what are the canine 2 toop and bottom beside incisors shearing and tearing food.
what eats the food the teeth
what is the stuff in your mouth that helps you swallow your food saliva
what produces bile liver
what helps break down food the gastric juices
strong muscle that helps you swallow tongue
(Respiratory)what passageway that leads to the Tranchea Pharynx
What is lined with Cilia which filters air before reaching lungs. the Trachea
what are the barches that lead into the lungs Bronchi
what are the small barches that lead to the air sacs. Bronchioles
what function unit of R.S.o2 and co2 are exchanged. o2 enters blood co2 removed from blood. Alveoli
what inhales and exhales the mouth
Created by: colmad110