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Management Test Two

Chapters 5-8 Principles of Management

How does a company benefit from planning? intensified effort, persistence, direction, and creation of task strategies
According to the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines, goals should be ____. none of these
____ are standing plans that indicate the specific steps that should be taken in response to a particular event. Procedures
A(n) ____ is a standing plan that indicates the general course of action that should be taken in response to a particular event or situation. policy
The ____ approach to decision-making is a method in which an individual or a subgroup is assigned the role of a critic. devil's advocacy
According to the text, valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable resources can produce sustainable competitive advantage only if they are ____ resources. nonsubstitutable
This technological leadership as well as its organizational culture are the company’s ____. core capabilities
Companies can achieve growth by ____. growing internally through direct expansion or creating new businesses
If ICI is successful in making the needed changes, it will more than likely implement a ____ strategy. recovery
According to Michael Porter, which of the following positioning strategies did The Home Depot adopt to deal with existing Canadian stores that sold similar products? cost leadership
____ are an important part of both the compression approach and the experiential approach to innovation. Multifunctional teams
Which of the following methods for managing resistance to change should only be used as a last resort or under crisis conditions? coercion
A ____ is a nontax method of increasing the cost or reducing the volume of imported goods. nontariff barrier
In Canada, General Motors and Suzuki have entered into a ____ to create CAMI Automotive. Suzuki management runs the plant, which makes GM's Geo cars. The agreement gives Suzuki access to GM dealers to sell its brand of vehicles. joint venture
The mining company used a(n) ____. avoidance strategy
Green Giant learned that it could not use the Jolly Green Giant character in parts of Asia where a green hat worn by a man signifies that he has an unfaithful wife. This is an example of a(n) ____ that influenced global marketing. cultural difference
Which of these involves producing a better product so a company can sell it for more money? Differentiation
Companies that have a small share of a fast growing market are represented in the group matrix by: a question mark
______ are those forces that produce differences in the form, quantity or condition of an organization over time. change forces
What does GATT stand for? General Agreement Tariff and Trading
What is the definition for Character of Rivalry In management? A measure of the Intensity of competitive behavior between companies
Someone who lives and works outside of his or her native country? expatriate
What is it called when only a certain number of Japanese Cars can come into the U.S.? Quota
__________ analysis includes assessment of strengths and weakness in an organization’s internal environment and the opportunities and threats in its external environment. SWOT
A short statement of a company’s purpose or reason for existing is a: vision
Created by: BeccaLeigh756