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Health Assess Ch9

General Survey, Measurement, Vital Signs

General Survey A study of the whole person, general health state and obvious characteristics
Fours Areas of General Survey Physical Appearance, Body Structure, Mobility, and Behavior
Physical Appearance Age, Sex, Level of consciousness, Skin color and Facial features
Age The person appears his or her stated age
Sex Sexual development is appropritate for gender and age
Level of Consciousness The person is alert and oriented, attends to your questions and responds appropriately
Skin Color Color tone is even, pigmentation varies, skin is intact with no obvious lesions
Facial Features Symmetric with movement
Body Structure Stature, Nutrition, Symmetry, Posture, Position, and Body build/contour
Stature Height appears within normal range for age, genetic heritage
Nutrition Weight appears within normal range for height and body build; body fat distribute evenly
Symmetry Body parts look equal bilaterally and are in relative proportion to each other
Posture Person stands comfortably erect as appropriate for age
Position Person sits comfortably in a chair or on bed, arms relaxed at sides, head turned to examiner
Body Build/ Contour Arm span equals height; Body length from crown to pubis roughly equal length pubis to sole
Mobility Gait and Range of motion
Gait Base is as wide as the shoulder width, foot placement, smooth balanced walk, arm swing
Range of Motion Full mobility for each joint, movement is deliberate, accurate, smooth & coordinated
Behavior Facial expression, mood and affect, speech, dress, and personal hygiene
Facial Expression Maintain eye contact, expressions appropriate for situation
Mood and Affect Person is comfortable and cooperative with examiner and interacts pleasantly
Speech Articulation is clear and understandable
Dress Clothing is approprate to climate, clean, fits, appropriate for culture and age group
Personal Hygiene Appears clean and grommed appropriately for age, occupation, and socioeconomic group
To measure weight Use a scale; Remove person's shoe and heavy outer clothing
When a sequence of repeated weights is necessary Aim for approx. the same time of day and same type of clothing worn each time
Record weight in ... and it is important for ...? In kilograms and Pounds.... Medicine
Formula for kilograms to Pounds Kilograms x 2.2 = Pounds
To measure height Person should be shoeless, standing straight, and looking straight ahead
Body Mass Index Practical marker of optimal weight for height; Indicator for obesity or malnutrition
Waist-to-Hip Ratio Assesses body fat distribution as an indicator of health risk
To measure waist to hip ratio Waist circumference/ Hip circumference
Temperature Quick indicator that something is wrong; Stable core temp of mean 37.2C (99F)
Normal oral temperature in a resting person 37C (98.6F)
Normal range of temperature 35.8C to 37.3C (96.4F to 99.1F)
Rectal temperature Measures 0.4C to .5C (.7F to 1F) higher
Normal temperature is influenced by Age, Exercise, Menstruation cycle, and Diurnal cycle of 1 to 1.5F
When does the temperature trough and peaks? Temp. trough in early morning hours; Peaks in late afternoon and early evening
Types of thermometer Oral, Axillary, Rectal, and Tympanic Membrane Thermometer (TMT)
How long do you wait after a person has just drunken something or smoked? Wait 15 mins if taken hot or cold liquid; 2 mins for smoking
What to do when taking rectal temperature? Wear gloves and insert only 2 to 3 cm (1 inch)
What color are the probe cover of an oral and rectal thermometer? Oral- Blue and Rectal- Red
Created by: Futuredoctor09