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P&P chpt 6

Potter and Perry Chapter 6, Fundamentals of Nursing

True prevention Primary prevention
Precedes disease or dysfunction, applied to clients considered physically and emotionally healthy Primary prevention
Examples of prevention: Health promotion, education, Marriage counseling, genetic counseling, genetic screening, periodic selective exams, immunizations, hygiene, use of proper PPE, avoidance of allergens/toxins Primary prevention
Prevention for those at risk / with illness Secondary prevention
prevention where you are diagnosing and prompting interventions reducitng severity and enabling client to return to normal health level. Secondary prevention
Early diagnosis and prompt treatment actions include: exams to cure / prevent spread of , complications of and prevent disease process, disability limitations by changing facilities Secondary prevention
Prevention to minimize effects of long term disease Tertiary prevention
Prevention of further disability or reduced functioning Tertiary prevention
Restoration and Rehabilitation prevention including: proision of hospital/community facilities, work therapy, sheltered colony, education of public/industry to help rehabilitated person as much as possible Tertiary prevention
Abby Smith is a nurse for her church. SHe has a free blood pressure screening every Monday. What level of prevention is she providing? Primary prevention
Mr Jones has chronic COPD. For lsat 2 yrs he participates in pulmonary rehab exercise class at local fitness center sponsored by local hopsital. What level of prevention is this? Tertiary prevention
Created by: shoopergirl