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FCAT Collecting Data

FCAT Science 5th grade Scientific Thinking

Vocabulary WordsDefinitions
variable is a factor, quantity, or element in an experiment.
control is the unchanging part of an experiment that is not tested.
data are information gathered from scientific experiments.
experiment uses scientific methods to test a hypothesis.
systematic observation is noting and recording something in a logical and consistent way.
inquiry is a search for information through close examination.
record is to put data or observations in writing.
analyze is to examine something carefully in order to understand it.
infer is to make a conclusion from the evidence or data.
hypothesis a mere assumption or a guess.
conclusion the close or end; the final decision
technology is the use of scientific knowledge for a purpose.
innovation is a new idea or invention.
inter-relationship is a connection between things, ideas, or organisms.
observation involves using your senses to examine something and collect information.
model is a simplified example of something.
predict is to make an educated guess using data recorded in previous experiments.
test group is used in an experiment to help test a variable. Only one variable is changed.
control group all variables remain unchanged.
diameter the length of a straight line that runs from one side of circle, through the middle of a circle to the other side.
Created by: mcgeocsa