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what is the no methylphenidate tx for adhd atomoxetine (SNRI) amphetamines ( dexedrine )
what is conduct disorder antisocial behavior in children less than 18
oppositional defiant disorder anti authority children but not anti social
tourette syndrome diagnosis criteria is ? sudden motor or verbal tics > 1 yr < 18 yrs old
tourette treatment is what ??? haloperidol
Separation anxiety disorder common at what age ? 7-9
hallmark of autism is what ? poor language social
is intelligence normal ??? often below normal
treatment of autisms social and language
a child with normal intelligence and language but poor social relations is what ? aspergers
after 4 yrs old girls with poor language aggresion ataxia mental retardation and stero typed hand writing this is an x linked disease affecting girls as boys mostly die , Called Rett's dis
loss of language motor bowel bladder social adaptive Skills 2 yrs of normal devel is what childhood disintegrative disorder
stanford binet is ??? mental age / chrono age
an intelligence test is used to quantify intelligence decline in adults , what is this ? WAIS Wechsler Adult intelligence scales 3 , 14 subsets 7 verbal and 7 performance
what intelligence is scale is used for children between ages of 6-16 ? WISC
Operant conditioning is about what ? encouraging a behaviour , reducing a behavior or eliminating, + and - re inforcement, punishment and extinction
what is the main premise of freudian psychi analyisis ? make him her aware of sub concious
shaping is a of social learning but what does this mean ???
how many stages and names of development ? oral sensory stages and adolescence are examples , 8 erikson
some one is having a tantrum, what is defense ? acting out, where they are acting out unacceptable thought and feeling's
A man's memory has dramatically been lost he also has change in conciousness and motor functions temporarily , what is this defense mechanism is dissociation
blaming a child when angry at husband displacement
a man who wants another woman thinks his wife is cheating on him projection
patient with libidinous thoughts enters a monastery this is reaction formation
involuntary holding of idea or feeling from consciousness repression
all nurses are cold and docs are great splitting
concious with holding of thoughts suppression
if you are unable to recall stuff post stress this is ??? dissociative amnesia
Alcoholic is ataxic and has ophthalmoplegia and confused , this is? wernicke'
an alcoholic is unable to recall recent or past memories has personality changes korsakoff
adhd commences before what age ? 7
is intelligence normal in adhd ? yes
what % into adulthood for adhd 50 %
lifetime prevalence of tourettes is 0.1 to 1 %
what other disease is touretted associated with ocd
what are the neuro transmitter changes in huntingto's low ach low gaba
what are the neuro transmitter changes in alzheimer's low ach
what are the neuro transmitter changes in depression low serotonin low ne low DOPAMINE
what are the neuro transmitter changes in schizo phrenia raised DOPAMINE
what are the neuro transmitter changes in parkinson low dopamine and raised ach
what are the neuro transmitter changes in anxiety raised ne low gaba low serotonin
define delirium waxing waning consciousness acute onset
what drug commonly causes anti chonergics
delirium can involve what features clinically psychosis disorganized thought and decline cognition
is eeg normal in delirium ??? no it is abnormal
dementia definition is ??? gradual deterioration of cognition memory loss of abstract thougt , personality judgement aphasia apraxia
is eeg normal in dementias yes
loss of associations refer to what ? the way ideas are connected together
hypnogogc is ??? when go to sleep hallucinations
hypnapompic is when hallucinating coming out of sleep
Schizophrenia is ? what are the types ? 2 or more of delusions psychosis disoredered thought disordered behavior of neg sxs , types are CURD P paranpid catatonic , undifferentiated , residual , disoredered ,
negativ sxs are socially withdran , low affect and speech and behavior
psychosis less than a 1 / 12 brief psychotic disorder
psychosis 1 six month is schizophreniform
at leas 2 weeks of normal affect and the psychosis and major depression or mania is schizo affective
a fixed and false belief > a month is fixed delusional disorder
fixed delusional diorder if another person bleieves then does not once sep is foli a deux
prescence of one or more personalities is associated with what , occurs in waht sex ? is called ??? sexual abuse . women . dissociative identity disorder
a patient feels detached or depersonalised from oneself ??? depersonalization disorder
man turns up in a mall confused no memory of self assumes identity this is dissociative fuge
what causes dissociative fugeue trauma and stress often like major disasterss
how long should a manic episode be a week at least
what is mania irritable elevated expansive mood at least a wk
what does the diagnostic criteria require at least 3 or more of DIG FAST distractibility , Irresponsibility , Grandiosity flight of idea active psycho motor agitation sleep need talkativeness
hypo mania is no psychosis or social dysfunctional
bipolar is at leas on either mania type 1 or hypo mania type 2 and depressive sxs
a bipolar disorder that lasts for at least 2 years is cyclothymic
tx bipolar with lithium , sodium valprioate , carbamazepine and atypical anti psychotics
dysthymia is mild depressiv sxs for at least 2 yrs
depressed people sleep patterns rem reduced interval . rem increase duration . less slow wave sleep
over eating , over sleeping is associated with what tyoe of depression atypical
in atypical depression what is the mood like reactive as in if circumstances improve this improves also weight gain and rejection sensitivity is another
major se of ect amnesia
what are the risk factors for suicide completion SAD PERSONS sex male age young or old depression previous attempt ethanol or Drug rational thinking loss sickness medical 3 or more px meds organised plans no spouse social supports lacks
panic disorder is > 4 of PANICS and recurrent intense fear peaks in 10 mins up
ocd is recurrent THOUGHT SENSATION FEELING and relieved via behavior
ocd tx ssri and clomipramins
ptsd recurrent sxs experienced > 1/12 duration and onset > 1 / 12 after onset of event
GAD anxiety ? six months ,
tx GAD buspirone benzos ssri
adjustment disorder specific sit causing anxiety normally <6 months or if chronic > six months
malingering is secondary gain like money consious
factitious primary gain psychological
somatoform disorders are concious or unconcious ? unconcious
somatisation is what ??? multiple sxs over years
conversion is ??? acute sxs like blinded but indifferent
hypo chondriasis fear of disease in absence
painn disorder pain in absence
body dysmorphic specific physical
inflexible maladaptive personality unaware of this causing dysfunctionality is personality disorder
personality disorder cluster a is associated with what geneticaly is associated with Schizophrenia
describe personality disorder A Weird odd
type of personality A since ass with schizo 1. paranoid 2. schizoiD Distant 3. Schitotypal odd belief magical Thinking
Cluster B disorder is Wild or dramatic and emotional
tyoes of cluster b genetically linked to mood and substance ab 1. anti social Socio paths 2. borederline slef mutilation unstable moods 3. histrionic , attention seeking sexually provocative overly concerned with appearance 4. Narcissistic
describe feature of narcissistic grandiose lacks empathy sense of entitlement lacks empathy requires excessive admiration demands best andreacts to criticism badly
describe featuures of histrionic PD attention seeking emotional sexually provocative overly concerned with appearance
features of borderline unstabl mood self mutilation
major defense mechanism of borderline is Splitting
major def mech of paranoid is Projection
what are personality type C disorders associated with genetics anxiety
type c personality are 1. avoidant 2. OCD 3. Dependant
describe dependant personality disorder clingy and low self esteem
describe avoidant personality disorder avoids socially over sensitive to rejection although wants relations
describe the ocd personality perfectionist behaviors consistent with beliefs vs OCD , control freaks and ego syntonic
a persona who is distant schizoiD
a person who is schizoid and is also odd thinking is schizo typal
a person who is schophrenic is more add thinkin and behavior than schizotypal
a person who is schizoaffectiv is schizophrenia and bipolar or mood disorders
ptient diets execrcise and purg to weight below 85 % ideal weights this ??? anorexia nervosa
what clinical probs amenorrhoea anamia and of course osteo porrhosis
patients with calluses on back hands normal weight abnormal UE major enamel and binging and purging takes laxatives and diuretics Bulimia nervosa this also has alkalosis and parotitis
persistent discomfort with ones sex ` Gender id disorder
dx for substance dep 3 or more of 1-7 for a year
what are the 1-7 criteria of dx for subs abuse tolerance, withdrawal , larger amounts over longer times , unable to cut down may try , resource in getting , reduced social occupational or recreational time continuing use despite the knowledge
dx of subs abuse NEVER met criteria for dep recurrent failur of fulfillmet of work social ans home pbligations recurrent use in hazardous situ recurrent legal probs continued use
does bp go up or down in alcohol withdrawal ? up
Intoxication tx of alcohol disulfuram nis antabuse altrexone is anti opiod receptor accomprosate reduces relaps
intoxication tx of opiods naloxon naltrexone
rhinorrhoea diarrhoea yawning dialted pupils and sewating are signs of withdrawal from ... opiods
what is the tx choice for OD alcohol withdrawals benzo
what is the tx for opiods withdrawal naloxone + buorenorphine ( Suboxone ) or methadone
od of barbiturates low threshold safety resp cvs dep
tx of barbs od supportive
withdrawal from barbs risks cardio collaps
benzo od tx flumazenil GABA antagonists
impaired judgement agitation halluciantes pupil dilated prololnged wakefulness euphoria amphetamines
amphetamines withdrawal crash depress
impaired judg pupils dilated euphoria agitated tachy angin sudden cardia death cocain
cocain withdrawal crash depress SUICIDAL hyper somnolence
what drug causes restlessness insomnia muscle twitching and cardic arrythmias ans diuresis caffein
restless insomnia headaches arrythmias form what drug nicotin
nicotine withdrawal weight gain irritable restlessness
Beligerenc and nystagmus vertically and horizontally hallucinates homicidal psychosis PCP
flash backs pupillary dialtion visual hallucinations lsd
what are the eyes doing in pcp od nystaAGMUS VERTICAL HOR
hallucinations dry mouth social withdrwal euphoria and anxiety maijuana
se of marijuana withdrawal irritable depressed insomia symtoms peak in 248 hrs
how long can marijuana be detected in urine for up to 1 / 12
how long can withdrawal sxs last 5-7 days
heroin addiction tx methadon and Sub oxone
at what stage get DT's after 2-5 Days
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