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27 Amendments

American Govt.

1st Amendment? Freedom of Religion, Speech, and the Press; Rights of Assembly and Petition
2nd Amendment? Right to bear arms/own a gun
3rd Amendment? Quartering Act
4th Amendment? Right to property/search warrant
5th Amendment? Right to Grand jury, cannot be tried for same trial twice, right of no self-inonimation, cannot be denied due process, cannot take away property w/o fair market value.
6th Amendment? The right for a speedy trial.
7th Amendment? Right to trial by jury (peers)
8th Amendment? No cruel usual punishment, nor death penalty.
9th Amendment? Enumeration, listing rights, cannot be constructed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
10th Amendment? reserved powers--given to federal govt, everything left for states/ppl. All other powers preserved for ppl.
11th Amendment? ppl of state can't sue another state of federal court.
12th Amendment? call for separation balance bt wpres and vicepres for different presidency.
13th Amendment? abolition of slavery.
14th Amendment? give blacks citizen rights, extends due process to states
15th Amendment? black men right to vote (pushed by republicans).
16th Amendment? had to pay 4% of income, now 40%. progressive error
17th Amendment? Direct election of the people by the people--progressive error.
18th Amendment? no alcohol sold or produced, only stocked
19th Amendment? Women's sufferage/women votes---progressive error.
20th Amendment? changes-inauguration, March 4th to January 20th
21st Amendment? End of prohibition
22nd Amendment? Limitation of president term--2 yrs.
23rd Amendment? DC presidential elections.
24th Amendment? no longer pay tax to vote
25th Amendment? president cannot cannot fulfill duties--vicepresident takes over.
26th Amendment? voting age went from 21 to 18 yrs.
27th Amendment? members of congress get pay raises, not into effect, still following succession of Congress..1789.
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