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gradior gradi gressus X step, walk
morior mori mortuus X die
progredior progredi progressus X step forward, advance
quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitus seek; inquire
attingo attingere attigi attactus touch; reach
disco discere didici X learn
interrogo interrogare interrogavi interrogatus ask
occido occidere occidi occisus kill
pronuntio pronuntiare pronuntiavi pronuntiatus recite
deligo deligere delegi delectus select
fio fieri factus X become
moror morari moratus X delay
oro orare oravi oratus beg
refero referre rettuli relatus bring back
differo differre distuli dilatus differ
nolo nolle nolui X not want
volo velle volui X want
circumvenio circumvenire circumveni circumventus go around; surround
desidero desiderare desideravi desideratus long for
exprimo exprimere expressi expressus press out; express
ineo inire inii initurus enter in
persuadeo persuadere persuasi persuasurus persuade
placeo placere placui placiturus to please
reverto revertere reverti reversus to turn back
ingredior ingredi ingressus X enter
miror mirari miratus X wonder, admire
orior oriri ortus X rise
Created by: southmoore