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Step III

Step III - FP/Prevention 1

Who needs vaccination against Influenza COPD, CHF, healthcare workers, dialysis pts, steroid use, everyone >= 50 yo
What screening test lowers breast cancer mortality the most Mammogram
When should women start screening for breast cancer and how often 50-74 q2yrs
When should women start getting pap smears At 21 yo or within 3 yrs of sexual activity whichever comes first
How often should pap smears be performed At least q3yrs until age 65 when it can be stopped
Pt is 65 yo and not had prior screening with pap smear. What do you do next Tell her to get her pap on!
In healthy normal pts, at what age should colonoscopies be done to screen for colon cancer 50 yo until 75yo
How often are colonoscopies repeated if they are normal Q 10 yrs
If pt has FmHx of colon CA then at what age should colonoscopies be performed 40yo or 10yrs earlier than date of family member’s dx (pick earlier one)
What type of FmHx gives a pt the dx of HNPCC/Lynch syndrome 3 family members with colon CA over 2 generations with 1 member having it prematurely (before age of 50)
If pt has h/o HNPCC then when should colonoscopies be initiated and how often @25 yo q1-2 yrs thereafter
What is the recommendation for prostate cancer screening There are none and actually don’t do it for men >75yo b/c side effects of tx outweigh benefits
What types of pts require vaccx with BOTH pneumo and influenza Chr kidney, heart, liver, lung, cancer dzs, pts w/ HIV, pts on steroids, pts w/ DM
Influenza is different from pneumo vaccx in these pts/situations Pts > 50yo, healthcare workers, pregnant women: q1yr
Pneumo vaccx is different from influenza vaccx in this type of pt single injection in all pts >65yo
What are the recommendations for meningococcal vaccx All kids at 11yo
What is the exception to meningococcal vaccx at 11 yo Earlier in kids that are high risk eg functional/anatomical asplenia or terminal complement defx
When should HPV vaccx be given to females 13 – 26yo
What is the most effective method of smoking cessation for pts Buproprion/varenicline
When should screening for osteoporosis begin using what Bone densitometry @ 65yo
Who and when should be screened for AAA using what Men who were ever smokers @ 65yo using U/S
Who and when should be screened for HYPERlipidemia Men @35yo; women @45yo
flex sig colonoscopies should be done how often? q5 yrs
what should be done annually for colon cancer screening FOBT/DRE
what age group is ROUTINE colon CA screening recommended against? 76-85yo
should women >75 yo be screened for breast ca? NO
should women <50yo be screened for breast ca? depends on pt context / benefit / harm
what are recs for self breast exams? rules against dr teaching pt to do BSE
what are the recs for clinical breast exam beyonf mammo for pts >40yo? insufficient data to say good or bad either way - pts need to be told of this information
what is the rec for AAA screening in pts who have ever smoked? one-time screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) by ultrasonography in MEN aged 65 to 75 who have ever smoked (rec B)
what is the rec for AAA screening in pts who have never smoked? no recommendation for or against screening for AAA in MEN aged 65 to 75 who have never smoked (rec C)
what is the rec for AAA screening in women recommends against routine screening for AAA in women
recs for screening prostate cancer in men > 75yo? against screening for men >75yo
recs for prostate screening in men <75yo? unclear balance of risks/benefits at this time
Created by: DrINFJ