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Geography Test #1

E.J.'s Test

the height of land above sea level altitude
an imaginary circle parallel to the equator, 23.5 degrees from the South Pole Antartic Circle
an imaginary circle parallel to the equator, 23.5 degrees from the North Pole Arctic Circle
part of an ocean, sea, or lake that extends into the land bay
a pint of land that extends into an ocean, sea, or lake cape
distance measured in degrees, east or west from the Prime Meridian Longitude
an explanatory list of symbols on a chart or map Map Legend
the proportion that a map bears to the thing it represents, for example, a scale of one inch to one mile Map Scale
a line of longitude running north or south on a globe or map Meridian
a landform with high elevation and a pointed or rounded top, higher than a hill Mountain
distance measured in degrees, north or south from the Equator Latitude
a large body of water surrounded by land lake
a narrow strip of land bordered by water that connects two larger bodies of land Isthmus
a body of land smaller than a continent that is completely surrounded by water island
an imaginary line drawn north and south through the Pacific Ocean on a map, largely along the 180 degree meridian; by international agreement, each calendar day begins at midnight International Date Line
formed from basic directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest Intermediate directions
any of the halves of the earth: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western Hemispheres Hemisphere
a part of an ocean or sea extending into land; a gulf is usually larger than a bay Gulf
a pattern of lines that cross each other as latitude and longitude cross each other to find an exact location on a map Geographic Grid
an imaginary circle around the earth equator
a dry, barren region that is usually sandy and without trees Desert
a triangular deposit of sand and soil that collects at the mouth of some rivers Delta
a symbol printed on a chart or map to show directions Compass Rose
regions considered with reference to the kind of weather prevailing there climate zone
the basic directions on a map called north,south,east, and west Cardinal Direction
Created by: ejmcquillen