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learning the muscles

intro A&P lab

Raises eyebrows,draws scalp backwards on the front of bone Frontalis
blinks,closes,squints eye, around eye Orbicularis Oculi
closes, purses lips Kissing muscle Orbicularis oris
both flex the head and neck,each singly rotates head and neck Sternocleidomastoid
flexes and adducts shoulder joint under breast Pectoralis Major
elevates ribs during inspiration makes chest go up External intercostals
abducts shoulder joint where you get shots in the arm Deltoid
Depresses ribs during forced expitation makes chest go down Internal intercostals
flexes vertebral column abs rectus abdoninis
compresses abdomen external oblique
extends head V-shape in back trapezius
extends and adducts shoulder joint under trapezius to arm pit latissimus dorsi
extends elbow joint under arm Triceps brachii
flexes elbow joint supinates hand on top of arm biceps brachii
group extends knee from of leg quadriceps Femoris
extends knee and flexes hip largest muscle rectus Femoris
group extends hip and flexes knee back of leg hamstring group
flexes knee biceps femoris
plantar flexes foot helps you tip toe Gastrocnemius
dorsiflexes foot walks on heel Tibialis anterior
extends hip gluteus maximus
abducts hip gluteus medius
Created by: Maegan1986